Recap: Avataro Sentai Donbrothers, Episode 30 – Juto Hunter

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers Episode 30

Auntie Yuriko is walking home when a van of masked men try to abduct her. She initially fights them off, but one of them comes from behind and drugs her asleep. When the man takes his mask off, he turns out to be an Anoni.

The Anoni takes Auntie Yuriko’s phone to call Haruka who had been waiting for her at home with some beef stroganoff. The Anoni knows she is Oni Sister and makes a demand. Haruka meets the guys at Donbura to tell them the Anonis want the Donbros to capture and contain the Jutos. Only then will her auntie be safe.

As they wonder why the Anonis would want such a thing, the customer at the counter reveals himself to be an Anoni. Haruka demands to know where her aunt is, but Tarou tells her to settle down first.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers Episode 30

The Anoni explains that the Juto are their natural predators who eat them up. Though they disguise themselves as humans, the Juto are far more dangerous. Since the Juto are almost invincible, the Anonis were hoping the Donbros could help them.

The Anoni apologizes for having to target Auntie Yuriko. But they needed to reach the Donbros somehow, and Haruka is the only one with a family member that could be a bridge between them. Tsuyoshi says he has his Miho-chan. About that though, the Anoni e-mails them a list of all the known Juto.

The Anoni promises Auntie Yuriko will be safe. He pays his bill to Master Kaito and takes his leave. Tarou says he is very impressed by the Anoni’s politeness.

Tsuyoshi is shocked to see Miho’s name on the Juto list, but he does not tell the others. Haruka, meanwhile, sees Hanamura’s mother on the list.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers Episode 30

At a mansion, the Anonis have Auntie Yuriko tied up. But they serve her delicious gourmet food. After noticing her captors are pretty hot, she thinks this is what you might call a “good” kidnapping.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers Episode 30

Next day, Tsuyoshi follows Miho trying to debunk her being a Juto. But he ends up thinking he’s caught her cheating on him with another man. In reality, she was just meeting with a hair model that she hoped to try a new hairstyle on. Tsuyoshi offers himself up instead.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers Episode 30

Haruka, meanwhile, follows Mama Hanamura to the grocery store. After seeing her scarf down raw fish, Haruka is sure she is a Juto. She tries to run off, but Mama Hanamura sees her and invites her to lunch at home.

Meanwhile, the Juto have infiltrated the Anoni mansion. Led by Detective Sayama, the Juto eat the three Anonis while knocking Auntie Yuriko out as she is still tied up. Detective Sayama takes Auntie Yuriko’s phone and calls Haruka, merely growling through the line. Haruka sneaks out of the Hanamura home and heads to Donbura to tell the guys about it.

Haruka says she isn’t really sure what the Juto’s demands are. But Detective Sayama turns out to be the customer scarfing down food at a nearby table.

Sayama demands they hand over Murasame. Tarou remembers Sonoi telling him about Murasame having been developed as an anti-Juto weapon.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers Episode 30

Haruka tries to attack Sayama from the back, but he jumps up and growls at her. Master Kaito comes with Sayama’s food order, but the Juto scarfs it down and refuses to pay for it. He demands they bring Murasame to the mansion in Taitan or else.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers Episode 30

On the other side of town, Tsubasa is on a park bench reminiscing about happier times with Natsumi. Sononi surprises him out of his daydream with a proposal.

Sononi says the Juto have become increasingly aggressive. Fearing they may be planning something, Sononi would like her and Sonoza to work with the Donbros and strike at the Juto to eliminate them before they can make their move.

Sononi says they have Murasame and the Juto are their common enemy, so this should be a good deal. She hopes Tsubasa can let his teammates know of the offer.

Tsubasa doesn’t understand anything she’s saying. Plus, he has no idea how to even contact his teammates whom he doesn’t even know.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers Episode 30

Luckily for him, a spice-loving Hitotsuki pops up nearby. The Donbros are teleported there and Tsubasa henshins. He tries to tell them about Sononi’s offer. But when the Hitotsuki runs off, Haruka runs over to the Taitan mansion to save her auntie. The boys follow her, but Natsumiho appears and wants to speak with Tarou.

She knows Tarou is from the Don Clan. She explains that the Juto are divided amongst groups according to what kind of origami they fold. The ones who are assembling and wreaking havoc are the cat-folding ones. Natsumiho asks Tarou not to harm them and in exchange, she will put an end to what they’re doing.

She reveals to Tarou that she is also a Juto. And that the Juto were created by the Don Clan. Tarou remembers Sonoi telling him about how the Don Clan created the Juto as a way to provide the Noto a more stable resource for them to survive.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers Episode 30

“The Juto aren’t guilty of anything. Or am I wrong?” Natsumiho asks. Tarou says she might not be.

Natsumiho says that the Juto copy humans. And if a Juto is killed, the human they’ve copied will die as well. Before she leaves, she adds that the cat Jutos play, the crane Jutos weave stories and the penguins…

Over at the Taitan mansion, Haruka is ready to storm in to save her auntie. But the Juto run the other way when one of them announces that the “crane” has arrived.

Natsumiho confronts the cat Jutos and reminds them they were supposed to stay under the radar. The cat Jutos refuse to take orders from her and they battle.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers Episode 30

Sononi and Sonoza are waiting for the Donbros outside before they storm the mansion. Sonoza releases Murasame from the manga seal. Tsuyoshi, Shinichi and Tsubasa come running up. But the cat Jutos spot them. Sayama knocks Natsumiho out and joins the other Juto as they run away.

Tarou, however, stops the others and says the plan is off. He orders them to leave the Juto alone. Sononi and Sonoza call him a traitor and they all begin to fight.

Jirou arrives with the Hitotsuki he has been fighting himself. Sononi and Sonoza decide to leave as Jirou finishes off the Hitotsuki with a Lightning Dragon Flash.

As the Hitotsuki embiggens, both Tsuyoshi and Tsubasa see the unconscious Miho/Natsumi inside. But they must focus on defeating the Hitotsuking first which the Donbros do with Toradora Onitaijin.

Afterwards, Tsuyoshi runs to Miho who regains consciousness. Tsubasa watches from outside and does not understand what is happening.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers Episode 30

Episode Thoughts

Nice! A great episode. Finally things are moving. I saw the tweets from the official Donbros account and by the actors and saw that we were finally getting closer to the big reveal. So I went into the episode expecting that. Usually, I’d be annoyed with the potential spoiler. But I think the show handled the initial reveal pretty well.

Would I have wanted a bigger, more dramatic moment? Sure. But I think the way they set-up the final scene was very much in line with how Donbrothers has done things.

The episode started off quick though. They put in some amusing moments like Auntie Yuriko enjoying being kidnapped by hot guys. But the show wasted no time in getting to the meat of the story. And that is getting more info on the Juto, continuing to establish the Donbro-Noto connection and of course, preparing the eventual Natsumiho reveal to Tsuyoshi and Tsubasa.

Natsumiho has been great in her Juto action scenes. And seeing her as a less aggressive, more in-control Juto has added a nice extra layer to several aspects of the story such as the Juto themselves and to her relationships with Tsuyoshi and Tsubasa.

Who she actually is though (the crane Juto that popped into Natsumi’s mouth) is still a big question. And also what’s become of the original Natsumi the Juto has “copied.” Plus, who’s Miho then? Like, is the Juto just pretending to be Miho? Or what’s up with that?

Anyway, seeing Tsubasa and Tsuyoshi clash next week is something to hopefully look forward to. Plus, of course, the Donbros all finally knowing each other’s identities.

About Tsubasa and Sononi though, I realized they match quite well as a pair considering his black outfit and her white. So I would enjoy the show going all-out with the soapy story of him moving on from Natsumi (who I guess is gone already anyway?) and getting with Sononi. lol

Anyway, I like seeing the mystery surrounding the Don Clan growing through the season. Like, they seem to have had all this control over the world. How and why is that? I expect the answers to that will play a part in Tarou’s story of his identity and who he sees himself as, how he becomes a more complete person, etc.

As of now, the overall story and endgame are still out of reach. The show is still very much in this slice of life-like mode. Which, again, I personally enjoy. Though I know other people might not. But I’m excited to see one of the season’s biggest plot threads finally getting a major development. And I hope next week will deliver.

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