Recap: The Amazing Race Australia 6, Episode 5 – “Do you know who the new Bachelor is, by any chance?”

The Amazing Race Australia 6 Episode 5

The 5th Leg of the Race will take place in Santorini. With €35 for this Leg, teams must drive themselves in manual cars to the fishing port in Vlychada. Some of the teams have no idea how to drive stick, plus they have to drive on the opposite side of the road. And they also have to navigate the narrow roads with some teams bumping into random cars parked along the way.

On the way to the seashore, Chelsea believes the €35 is for petrol. So they stop at a gas station to fill up. Jamus, however, later realizes he read the gauge wrong and they didn’t need to get more gas after all.

The Amazing Race Australia 6 Episode 5 The Amazing Race Australia 6 Episode 5

At the docks, the next clue reveals a Detour: Hustle or Bustle. In Hustle, teams must find Captain Nikos on his boat, the Aikaterini. They will sort through a pile of freshly caught seafood to fill an order of 1.5 kg of octopus, 1 kg of bass and 2kg of sardines. They will get the next clue once they deliver the order to Yaya. In Bustle, teams must find Captain Yaris and help him repair damaged nets using a traditional method in order to get the clue.

First place Angel & Frankie choose Bustle and watch the demonstration. Cop Couple Lauren & Steph decide on Hustle instead as do Heath & Toni, Flick & Gabby, Kelly & Georgia and Pako & Mori. Tiffany & Cynthia initially choose the fish, but are grossed out when they see the pile so they switch to the nets.

Angel tries to be helpful to the Aunty & Niece, but that’s when she realizes she and Frankie have been doing their own nets wrong the entire time.

Tiffany & Cynthia end up finishing the Detour first and they open the next clue telling teams to head to Fira. Here, teams will choose a donkey and give it a day off by taking over luggage carrying duties up the Karavolades Stairs. After they’ve delivered the ass and 15kg of luggage to the top of the 516 steps, they will get the next clue.

The Amazing Race Australia 6 Episode 5 The Amazing Race Australia 6 Episode 5

After they get the thumbs down, Angel & Frankie end up switching to the fish since they don’t want to have to undo their net.

Over at the fish, Heath & Toni are the first to finish the fish delivery and move into 2nd place. Pako & Mori are close behind. Jodie & Claire move into 4th after getting their nets approved.

Crystal & Reem and Stuart & Glennon decide to work together to get the right amount of seafoods. And by working together, they mean the Baru Mates getting their seafoods weighed and approved and then giving those exact crates of seafoods to the Middle Eastern Mates to submit themselves.

The Amazing Race Australia 6 Episode 5 The Amazing Race Australia 6 Episode 5

As Crystal & Reem are waiting, Angel comes over and asks if they can have their crates once they get them checked. The Middle Eastern Mates feel sorry for the other teams who have been at this Detour for hours already, so they scoff at Angel’s request.

Afterwards, it’s another succession of random teams completing the task.

Meanwhile, Tiffany & Cynthia get lost on the way to Fira. That allows Heath & Toni to move into first.

Now in last place, Chelsea & Jamus are shocked when they read the clue telling teams to buy gondola tickets for themselves and their crew once they get to Fira. They are able to ask some of the other teams to give enough change for them to afford the tickets.

The Amazing Race Australia 6 Episode 5 The Amazing Race Australia 6 Episode 5

Heath & Toni maintain their lead. They open the next clue which reveals the Road Block: Who can fly like the wind? For this Road Block, teams will Parkour amongst Santorini’s distinct buildings in Oia by correctly performing three out of five moves they will learn while moving through the course.

While Tiffany & Cynthia collapse to last place, Flick & Gabby sneak into first. Gabby does the Road Block and easily completes the task. They open the next clue pointing teams to make their way on foot to The Church of Panagia Akathistos Hymn, the Pit Stop.

Heath finishes the Road Block next. And somehow, he and Toni are able to step on the Mat as Team #1. They win a $5000 travel voucher from 10Travlr.

The Amazing Race Australia 6 Episode 5 The Amazing Race Australia 6 Episode 5

Another succession of teams finish the Road Block. The next teams to check-in are Pako & Mori and an emotional Flick & Gabby as Teams 2 and 3.

Fliss & Tottie and Kelly & Goergia are 4th and 5th. Chelsea & Jamus and Tammy & Vincent are 6th and 7th. Teams 8 through 13 are Jodie & Claire, Angel & Frankie, Sam & Stu, Lauren & Steph, Morgan & Lilli, Stuart & Glennon. It’s an apparent footrace to avoid last place. Crystal & Reem end up as Team #14. That means Tiffany & Cynthia are 15th, but this is a Non-Elimination Leg.

The Amazing Race Australia 6 Episode 5

Episode Thoughts

The most linear Leg so far. And with it only being an hour (or 45 minutes without commercials), still having to squeeze in 15 teams, it just felt so work-like and processional. No amount of placement shifts (which you can’t even keep track of anyway), could really help it. Nor could the beautiful location I think.

The tasks were all just okay. We’ll talk about the Detour in a little bit. But the donkeys definitely didn’t deliver any funny moments like they might usually do. I guess Santorini donkeys are much more well-behaved. The Road Block is interesting, because it certainly could highlight the unique buildings of Santorini. But parkour? Really? And it wasn’t even really parkour since teams just had to roll around on a rooftop.

Now the Detour. Both tasks on their own are fine. Just straightforward tasks that teams needed to get through.

But what I really want to rant about is this:

Ewe at Stuart & Glennon and Crystal & Reem doing the TARAu5 nonsense of giving another team the correct amount of whatever to submit. Like, WTF is that shit? It’s partly the teams’ fault since they’re the ones doing it. But it’s also the show’s fault for allowing it.

Just like with the cheese task last season, once teams give the correct amount of cheese or seafood or whatever, they should not get that shit back! The person checking the teams’ work should keep the stuff they are submitting. That way, the teams can’t just hand it over to another team.

It’s not even like you copying test answers from another student or copying an essay word for word and submitting it. It’s more like having a student submitting their test paper/homework, having it graded and then getting it back. But then giving those exact sheets of paper to another student to submit as their own as well. WTF is that?

Even more WTF was the fact that teams spent 2-3 hours trying to weigh seafood? You’re kidding.

Anyway, I think seeing that moment between the two Mates teams and then Crystal & Reem scoffing at Angel asking them for the crates, as if they didn’t just do the exact same thing. Horrible. Enough to ruin the episode for me, to be honest.

Team Thoughts

With even less time for teams to make an impression, there’s really no change to my thoughts except for a few teams. I’m still rooting for Flint & Gabby and Tammy & Vincent the most. A nice win for Heath & Toni. And a crazy loss for Tiffany & Cynthia. How did they get lost that much?

I liked Crystal & Reem. But not anymore after that nonsense at the Detour. And I was neutral on Stuart & Glennon, but definitely not moving into the positive range with that move either.

Angel & Frankie need to continue to antagonize the other teams please. That will be hilarious to watch. And Chelsea & Jamus need to antagonize each other more! Lol Also fun.

The rest of the teams were invisible once again

Episode Quotes

Toni: “Is it a boy or a girl? Good girl, we like girls.”

Gabby: “Big donkey.”

Chelsea: “I’m in a relationship with a fucking dumbass.”

Jodie: “I’m too old for this shit.”

Beau: “Do you know who the new Bachelor is, by any chance?”

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