Recap: The Amazing Race Australia 7 (Celebrity Edition), Episode 10 – “Ooh, this is going to be tight, bro.”

The Amazing Race Australia 7 Episode 10 RecapThe Amazing Race Australia 7 Episode 10 Recap

The teams fly to Kota Kinabalu, Borneo and start the Leg by walking to the local fish market where they must gut and clean six fish to the satisfaction of the fishmonger.

The four teams are at the fish market at the same time, but Harry & Teddy manage to power through the task the fastest. Darren & Tristan get some help from locals to point out what they need to do more on their own fish. Emma & Hayley are next to finish with Alli & Angie still in last.

The Amazing Race Australia 7 Episode 10 Recap The Amazing Race Australia 7 Episode 10 Recap

After the fish, teams must travel by Bajau boat to the Gaya Island Resort Marine Centre and search the jetty for the next clue. That clue reveals the Detour: Save the Mangroves or Save the Reefs. In Save the Mangroves, teams must kayak 3km into the mangrove forest to find and collect 36 seeds. They will then kayak to a nursery to plant the seeds in pots to receive the next clue. In Save the Reef, teams will help regenerate Borneo’s coral reefs by first collecting suitable pieces of dead coral, properly gluing them together and then gluing living coral fragments called nubbins onto the surface. When approved by a marine biologist, teams can swim their corals onto the ocean floor to receive the next clue.

Harry & Teddy choose the mangroves while Darren & Tristan choose the coral reef. Emma & Hayley also choose the mangroves and end up running into Harry & Teddy who have to paddle back when they have to come and collect more seeds after forgetting how many they needed. Alli & Angie choose the reef.

The Amazing Race Australia 7 Episode 10 Recap The Amazing Race Australia 7 Episode 10 Recap

Emma & Hayley are able to plant their seeds and finish the Detour in first. Alli & Angie are able to finish their corals before Darren & Tristan. Harry & Teddy are now in last.

The next clue reveals the Road Block: Who wants to head hunt? For this Road Block, teams must travel to the other side of the island to Padang Point. They will hike into the jungle and need to spot and memorize nine indigenous masks. At the end of the trail, they will need to put the masks in the order they appeared in order to receive the next clue.

Emma and Angie get started with the Road Block with Darren and Harry arriving to start at the same time. But Darren decides to leave Harry behind when they head into the forest.

The Amazing Race Australia 7 Episode 10 Recap The Amazing Race Australia 7 Episode 10 Recap

Angie makes it through the forest first, but she had tripped over a couple of stumps and threw her back out again. When she gets to the board where they must hang the photos of the masks, she forgets the order and has to go back to the trail. Alli becomes emotional, worried about her mother whom she knows will never let any pain hinder their team.

On the trail, Harry runs into Angie and asks if he can help her in any way. They run into Emma and they walk and support each other.

Darren arrives at the end to give it a try, but he gets the thumbs down. The other three get to the end as well. Angie asks for a check with her board, but she gets the thumbs down. Darren realizes he placed his pictures in the wrong directions, so when he switches them around, he gets the next clue.

The Amazing Race Australia 7 Episode 10 Recap The Amazing Race Australia 7 Episode 10 Recap

Harry is next to get his board approved followed by Emma and then Angie.

Teams must now search the shallows for a coconut. After they have it opened by a local, they can deliver it by kayak to Beau at the Pit Stop on Sapi Beach.

It’s a kayak race to the Mat. Darren & Tristan arrive as Team #1 with Harry & Teddy take 2nd. Emma & Hayley are Team #3. That means Alli & Angie are last, but this is a Non-Elimination Leg.

The Amazing Race Australia 7 Episode 10 Recap

Episode Thoughts

I think we all knew this would be a Non-Elimination Leg. So I guess that kind of took a bit of excitement away for me. But this was still a solid Leg. This was the most “tropical” kind of Leg this season. So that’s a nice contrast to what the teams have had to face so far.

First up, the fish cleaning task was a good way to start the Leg. And it’s good to have teams do something in Kota Kinabalu before heading to a more resort-type location.

The Detour was good as well. Certainly a familiar pair of tasks for this kind of location. But well-balanced. I do think it would be a better task with more teams.

The Road Block was alright. I think the best thing about it was the teams didn’t help each other and did each other’s boards, you know? Lol This is TAR32. Or TARAu5 or 6. THANK GOODNESS! Lol

Finally, I think they should’ve had teams open the coconuts themselves as an extra task. Maybe do 20 coconuts or something, just to help fill out the Leg even more. This episode was only 48 minutes without commercials. So they didn’t need that much extra stuff to fill it out. But the episode still felt full and relatively exciting.

Though again, it was obviously a Non-Elimination considering we only have two episodes left.

TWO EPISODES! Strange how I kinda wish this season had more episodes since it’s been so great. But perhaps it’s been so great because there are only a normal number of episodes. Hehe.

Team Thoughts

All the teams were great this Leg. I enjoyed seeing the teams move ahead and fall behind. That really shows that it is anyone’s Race. Even now. And it’s refreshing to see the teams be helpful to each other while still being competitive. They might like to offer a hand or comfort each other, but they’re not completing tasks for one another.

When that is a refreshing thing on TAR, you know this Race isn’t what it used to be. Lol I hope we get more of the type of Racing we’re seeing on this season rather than whatever we had to suffer through in the last two TARAu seasons and on TARC and somewhat on TARUS too.

Episode Quotes


: “Ohhhh! Just splooged in my eye!”
Tristan: “Thanks for spitting in my face.”

Beau: “Ooh, this is going to be tight, bro.”

4 thoughts on “Recap: The Amazing Race Australia 7 (Celebrity Edition), Episode 10 – “Ooh, this is going to be tight, bro.”

  1. Harry and Teddy could pull out off a major upset. Darren is becoming beyond arrogant and obnoxious with his overconfidence and putting down other mates.

    1. Harry and Teddy are a solid team. It only takes one mistake from Darren and Tristan. The Legs have been quite close I think. They haven’t had the fake out runs to the Mat this season like they have in the last two seasons.

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