Thursday Tunes – September 1, 2022 – Junji, DKB, TEMPEST, BLANK2Y

Enjoys these Thursday Tunes from OnlyOneOf’s Junji, DKB, TEMPEST and BLANK2Y.

“be mine” by Junji (OnlyOneOf)

OnlyOneOf has been releasing some wonderful treats with their undergrOund idOl series where the members get to show off their charms and talents with excellent solo tracks. Junji is up next and “be mine” is an irresistible funk-infused R&B track. Junji’s vocals glide over the smooth and flirtatious melody. And the accompanying music video of course perfectly embodies the kilig vibes of the song.

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“24/7” by DKB

DKB returns with their 5th mini album Autumn and their title track “24/7” is definitely a perfect mood for the season. The midtempo hip-hop/R&B track has an addictive melody as the boys sing about a love that slowly gets lost amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday. The rest of the mini-album is in the same (excellent) vibe. “Peep My Show,” “Autumn” and “Bubble” are each just as great as the title track. DKB has had some great releases already, but this might be their strongest collection yet.

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“Can’t Stop Shining” by TEMEPST

TEMPEST had a great debut earlier this year with “Bad News.” And their B-side “Just a Little Bit” actually landed on my Favorite Songs of 2022 (So Far) list at #31. The group is definitely shining with their first comeback album Shining Up. Title track “Can’t Stop Shining” is a refreshing and energetic pop-dance track. The summer spirit is mixed with a bright message. And the group’s charms are addictive, especially alongside their obvious talents. As for the rest of the album, “Only One Day” is of a similar vibe while “Young & Wild” and “Start Up” are great, youthful tracks. A strong first comeback for the rookie group.

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“Fuego (Burn It Up)” by BLANK2Y

BLANK2Y also made a strong debut earlier this year as well. And “Fuego (Burn It Up)” follows it up well. The title track of their first comeback album is a charismatic all-around performance. From vocals to rap to dance, BLANK2Y easily make a strong impression, proving that they definitely have even more to give with every release. The album also includes “Fuego (Fearless)” which features a different story from the title track and the sweet fan song “I Wish.”

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