Music Monday, August 15, 2022 (Part 2) – Isaac Voo, Golden Child, Kino, BM

Good comebacks and great solo debuts. Enjoy these new tracks from IN2IT’s Isaac Voo, Golden Child, PENTAGON’s Kino and KARD’s BM.

“Time Bomb” by Isaac Voo

It has been great seeing IN2IT finally together after the members have completed their military service. During that time, member Isaac has kept busy while also keeping fans updated through regular posts on social media, especially TikTok. While everyone waits for a potential IN2IT comeback, Isaac makes his solo debut with the charismatic and rousing track “Time Bomb.” The dance track has a catchy chorus and very appealing pre-chorus. It’s a great showcase for Isaac as a solo artist. And it is an extra treat to hear him singing and rapping in his native Malay.

“Pose” by Kino

PENTAGON’s Kino makes his solo debut with the special single “Pose.” The dreamy and sensual track is very much a showcase for Kino as an artist. His songwriting skills are already much appreciated. So getting to see him step out and take the spotlight like this is really great to see. Excellent track and performance.

“Replay” by Golden Child

Golden Child’s “Replay” is a strong performance kind of track. The group has been very versatile with their recent releases, each of them taking steps forward in style and sound. “Replay” is good, but maybe not as impactful as those tracks. The rest of the album “Aura” has some great gems though. “3! 6! 5” is a fun, bright and positive track. “Purpose” is a sweet midtempo pop track. Album closer “Miracle” is a groovy dance number. But my favorite is definitely “Knocking On My Door.” It’s almost like a combination of the other tracks from the album. And it’s a great vibe.

“Strangers” by BM

KARD’s BM releases his latest solo effort led by title track “Strangers.” The haunting EDM track is another opportunity for BM to show off his diverse talents and style.

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