Music Monday, August 15, 2022 (Part 1) – FTISLAND, INI, NIK, WEi

Four great Japanese releases from FTISLAND, INI, NIK and WEi.

“Door” by FTISLAND

I was about to say, FTISLAND has always had some amazing Japanese releases. But then I realized that might imply their Korean releases are not amazing. Which is obviously not the case. You can never go wrong with FTISLAND. And it is always awesome to have fresh new music from them. “Door” is an especially great track with its positive message. Evoking the feelings of nostalgia and hope, “Door” is definitely reminiscent of many a FTISLAND song from years past and it’s a welcome treat for the eyes and ears.

“Password” by INI

I loved INI’s debut title track “Rocketeer,” but not so much their follow-up track “Call 119” as it felt a bit too run-of-the-mill. Their latest title track “Password” though blends together INI’s songs so far. With that charismatic flair from “Rocketeer” and sure, even “Call 119” in its chorus, “Password” also draws from the excellent B-sides “Brighter” and “We Are” for the pitch perfect verses and pre-chorus. A strong, pop-dance track that gives the group another great opportunity to show off they’re more than just super rookies by now.

“La Vida Loca” by NIK

NIK returns with a catchy Latin-infused pop dance track in “La Vida Loca.” The group more than delivers with an energetic and charismatic performance. The blending of the percussion and the plucking of the strings throughout the track really add an engaging element to what is an irresistible total package.

“Maldives” by WEi

WEi’s latest Japanese release is the groovy summer track “Maldives.” It’s a bright concept that has the guys enjoying summer fun together and inviting listeners to join them. It’s a bit different from most of their Korean releases, but a refreshing change of pace and definitely fitting for the season from the talented group.

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