Music Monday, August 1, 2022 (Part 2) – HVLF, Nicole, Sunye, Beomhan feat. Jay Chang

Four new tracks from talented soloists. Featuring HVLF, Nicole, Sunye, Beomhan feat. Jay Chang.

“Rainy Day” by HVLF

KNK’s Kim Jihun returns as HVLF with his latest, “Rainy Day.” The mellow R&B track is another great self-composed creation from the talented artist. Jihun’s soft vocals are perfect for the understated melody and the accompanying rainfall in the background. Together, they create a mesmerizing atmosphere for an easy and welcome listen.

“YOU.F.O” by Nicole

It’s a good day when one of your ultimate biases comes out with new music. That’s definitely the case for me as Nicole Jung finally returns with her latest solo release. “YOU.F.O” is at the same time a dreamy and groovy dance track. An irresistible treat of a song perfect for the dance floor or a quiet night drive. Definitely has me wishing for more than just a single from the talented Nicole.

“The Awakening” by Beomhan feat. Jay Chang

Beomhan and fellow FM Ent. trainee Jay have already gained many fans even before their official debut with M.O.N.T. And with a special release like “The Awakening” (in addition to their prolific social media and in-person engagement with fans), it’s not hard to see why. “The Awakening” is an exciting, dramatic track that highlights both Beomhan and Jay’s unique voices. Though there is no MV or live video of the song just yet, just listening to it is already a great experience. What more when they are able to deliver a full, well-rounded performance in the future?

“Just a Dancer” by Sunye

Former Wonder Girls leader Sunye officially makes her solo debut with the diverse album Genuine. Title track “Just a Dancer” is a catchy and confident dance track that is a wonderful welcome back for the talented singer and performer. The rest of the album is a contemporary showcase for the veteran artist. Ballad “Now I Fly” is a standout for me.

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