Music Monday, August 1, 2022 (Part 1) – ATBO, YOUNITE, TO1, ATEEZ

ATBO debuts and comebacks from YOUNITE, TO1 and ATEEZ.

“Monochrome (Color)” by ATBO

ATBO have a rousing debut with their title track “Monochrome (Color).” The rookies deliver a strong, undeniably charismatic performance through a song that showcases the group’s skills and charms right off the bat. The dreamy pre-chorus pairs well with the all-out anthemic chorus. The rest of the album The Beginning : 開花 is a nice mix of rock, hip-hop and pop dance tracks. And overall a strong, solid debut.

“Drummin” by TO1

TO1 returns with a new line-up and the start of another chapter in their story. Comeback title track “Drummin” certainly illustrates the group’s refreshed style as it is a bright pop-dance track. It’s a bit of a shift from the direction they had been moving toward. But the group has certainly already showed that they are capable to delivering a strong performance no matter the style or genre. The album Why Not?? has a strong hip-hop vibe, though my favorite track is the closing “Butterflies” which is more of a midtempo pop track.

“Aviator” by YOUNITE

YOUNITE return for their first comeback and title track “Aviator” is definitely a bit different from their debut. Compared to their bright and charming debut track, “Aviator” is a much more powerful and charismatic performance. Perhaps harkening back more to their pre-debut track. So maybe it’s not too unexpected. What is expected is that the talented rookies deliver a strong and engaging performance, which they definitely do. The rest of the album Youni-Q does still feature some brighter tracks as well, showing off the group’s diversity.

“Guerrilla” by ATEEZ

As much as I’ve loved ATEEZ since their debut, their title tracks can be hit or miss for me. If only just from an “on repeat” standpoint. “Guerrilla” is probably not going to be one of my personal “hits” from the group. You can’t ever deny ATEEZ’s performance skills which they effortlessly deliver again here with power and charisma. But it’s just not my cup of tea, I guess. As for the rest of the tracks from The World Ep.1 : Movement, my favorite track might be “WDIG (Where Do I Go)” which is an interesting mix of style and sound.

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