Music Monday, July 11, 2022 (Extra) – HUTA, Yuri Park, June, Kang Daniel

Some great solo releases from HUTA, Yuri Park, June and Kang Daniel feat. Jessi:

“Boom” by HUTA (Lee Minhyuk)

Lee Minhyuk returns for his solo comeback as HUTA with the title track “Boom.” The unique sound definitely helps to make the track stand out from the crowd. And Minhyuk’s overflowing charisma definitely helps elevate the total performance. The rest of the full album is great with my favorite song being the retro-infused “Shadow.”

“Origin Beast” by Yuri Park

Yuri Park is back with his latest release “Origin Beast.” The Korean-Russian singer and TV host has released a few tracks in Russian, but “Origin Beast” is his first English-language track. The dramatic hip-hop track is a bit different from those previous releases. But it is a strong and impactful performance from the talented singer. The self-produced MV is a captivating short film-like vibe.

“Bad Boy2” by June

ORβIT’s June releases his self-composed solo track “Bad Boy2” and it is a great rock-infused pop-R&B track. June has always been a charismatic performer even back on Produce 101. And it is awesome to see him step out into the solo spotlight and deliver this great performance.

“Don’t Tell” by Kang Daniel feat. Jessi

Kang Daniel’s “Don’t Tell” featuring Jessi was a great Latin-infused treat in the middle of his recent album. The new music video for the track definitely captures the vibe and it’s been great to see Daniel releasing MVs for the tracks on his album.

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