Music Monday Special: ALAMAT’s “Say U Love Me”

How about some Thursday Tunes? Because ALAMAT’s lead single off of their upcoming first! mini-album just can’t wait for Monday to have me gushing over it. The chill heartbreak vibes of “Say U Love Me” offer ALAMAT another opportunity to show off their talents and impressive versatility.

How to make a song about coming to terms with your girlfriend falling out of love with you and apparently already moving on feel both sexy and melancholic at the same time? I have no idea. But ALAMAT somehow did it with this single and with the help of Filipino hip-hop producers WAYBETTR.

The song’s mellow and at times stripped down melody accentuates the group’s soft vocals as they glide across the wistful lyrics. It’s also a great mix of old-school OPM R&B and glossy contemporary P-Pop. This is our sad boy hours anthem fellas! 😭

But to perhaps help wipe away those tears, ALAMAT decides it’s time for some kaldag, as the youngins say these days. The aggressive body rolls and hip thrusts and hip pops might not be the choreography that immediately comes to mind when you first listen to the song. Yet it works as the guys keep their heads up even if they’re still hurting inside.

And the guys certainly look good doing it. So there’s something for everyone to enjoy here. 😁

Overall, “Say U Love Me” definitely signals a big step forward for ALAMAT. The group has garnered much attention for their unique initial offerings into the emerging P-pop scene. (They certainly got me immediately hooked.) And they continue to do so by refusing to be boxed into specific styles or genres with their music and performances. “Say U Love Me” is a great song and an excellent taste of things to come from ALAMAT.

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