Music Monday, June 27, 2022 (Extra) – Kang So Yeon, Youngjae, Boa Kim, eSNa

Four talented soloists have their comebacks! Featuring Kang So Yeon, Youngjae, Boa Kim, eSNa.

“Loca Loca” by Kang So Yeon

My Single’s Inferno bias! Kang So Yeon steps out with her first solo single after gaining new fans on the hit Netflix reality show. The former idol group member is beautiful and confident with the Latin-infused single “Loca Loca.” It is an understatedly seductive track that and it is a perfect vibe for Kang So Yeon’s personality that viewers came to love on the show. Her talent and natural charisma are very much evident in her total performance.

“Sugar” by Youngjae

Youngjae makes his solo comeback with title track “Sugar.” The bright pop-dance track is a great showcase for Youngjae’s always excellent vocals and personal charm and charisma. The rest of the album is strong with the trendy “Focus,” mellow “Crema” and “Nothing” and ballad “With You.”

“Unicorn” by Boa Kim

The talented Boa Kim is back with her latest solo release. “Unicorn” is a beautiful vibe of a song in which she cherishes the memories of her mother. The stripped-down R&B melody helps to set the stage for Boa’s wonderful voice and sincere emotion.

“Behind the Camera” by eSNa

eSNa also releases a personal track with “Behind the Camera.” It is a heartfelt tribute to her father and is accompanied by a music video featuring old home movies of eSNa as a child with her family. A beautiful track.

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