Music Monday, June 27, 2022 – TAN, TRITOPS, KARD, The Boyz

A diverse group of tracks from TAN, TRITOPS, KARD and The Boyz.

“Louder” by TAN

TAN make their first comeback with the energetic title track “Louder.” It’s one of those tracks that fuses together a few different sounds and genres in one. But it’s thankfully one of the more well put-together songs in that style though not necessarily a track I’d have on repeat. At least, not after first listen. The sweet “Adorable” and funky “My Heart” are also on the album for anyone who might be looking for something different. But all in all, it’s a solid release from the talented rookies.

“Thank You, I Love You” by TRITOPS

Vocal kings TRITOPS are back with a new Japanese release in “Thank You, I Love You.” For anyone who knows TRITOPS, this track will come as no surprise as their powerful vocals effortlessly evoke the sincere emotions of the lyrics. All coming together for an emotionally stunning ballad. It’s always great to get new music from TRITOPS.

“Ring the Alarm” by KARD

J.Seph is back! KARD is back! And the comeback title track “Ring the Alarm” is a great way to celebrate. The Latin-infused dance track harkens back to their earlier releases and that’s very refreshing compared to their more recent, pre-hiatus releases. The group members are as charismatic as ever, showing that they haven’t missed a step during their break. The album starts off with the moody “Break Down” and wraps up after “Ring the Alarm” with the funky “Good Love” and mellow ballad “Whip!” which is definitely my favorite track.

“Sweet” by The Boyz

The Boyz’s Universe-exclusive release “Sweet” is a nice summery pop-dance track. It’s definitely worthy of a regular, full release. But so goes the Universe-exclusives.

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