Recap: Avataro Sentai Donbrothers, Episode 14 – Substitute Jirou

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers

Haruka, Shinichi and Tsuyoshi inform Master Kaito about Tarou’s apparent death. Kaito says he thought Tarou’s demise would only be brought about by his own strength. Kaito is unsure if there’s a way to bring him back.

The three visit Papa Jin who says vanishing after a blow from a Noto blade is certain death. They cannot believe Tarou is truly gone.

They question Papa Jin’s lack of a reaction to the fact that Tarou is dead. Papa Jin says he raised Tarou like a son ever since he arrived in the peach. They lived as a family and he would do anything to bring him back. But nothing they can do will change what’s happened, including mourning Tarou.

Shinichi asks how they could possibly defeat the Noto now. Papa Jin says that he was always sure if Tarou were ever to be lost, his replacement would appear.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers

Meanwhile, a young man named Momotani Jirou recounts his origins. He too had arrived in a peach from the sky, falling into a creek in the mountains. Growing up in an orphanage, he was sure he was a hero sent from the heavens. A voice inside him told him to train himself and grow stronger. He moved out on his own at age 16 and has since been working at the local newspaper.

Today, Jirou hands in his resignation and he tells the editor that it is time for him to make his debut as a hero. At least, that’s what the voice inside him says. Jirou thanks the editor for everything he has done for him and he leaves on his journey.

Jirou says goodbye to his friend Rumi who wishes him well as he moves to the big city. But Rumi thinks to herself how Jirou hasn’t yet grown up.

Jirou’s other friends cheer him on as he boards the bus for the city. They wish him luck and encourage him on his quest to bring about world peace. He thanks them and the bus leaves. Turns out his friends had always just been humoring his heroic dreams, but they will still miss him nonetheless.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers

Back in the city, Sonoi spars with a Juto who takes the form of a young woman who has no problem countering his attacks. As the Juto leaves, Sononi and Sonoza arrive to remind him that the Juto cannot be killed. Sonoza commends Sonoi on his successful kill of Tarou.

But Sonoi says not to do that as he feels something he has never felt before. That is, Sonoi does not like himself at the moment.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers

Over at the café, Haruka wonders if their boycott played a part in Tarou’s death. Shinichi says their enemy is simply that strong. Instead, his current concern is Tarou’s replacement. Haruka and Tsuyoshi say no one can replace Tarou.

Just then, the Donblasters appear in front of them as a young man named Kishi is engulfed in a Hitotsuki when he lacks winning skills in shogi.

The three of them meet Tsubasa at the scene. But the Noto3 also appear as does Jirou.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers

Sononi tries to attack Haruka, but Sonoi blocks her much to her surprise. Sonoza attacks the four of them. But Jirou steps in, now dressed in his Fire Dragon hero outfit. He begins throwing rocks at the Noto3. But Sonoza laughs, waves his staff and throws Jirou to the ground.

The Donbros grab Jirou and take him to safety.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers

Tsubasa goes his separate way, but runs into the Juto’d Sayama. Tsubasa hops on his bike, but has to abruptly brake when he almost hits… Miho. Tsubasa is shocked to see who he believes is Natsumi right in front of him. She has no idea who he is or what he’s talking about.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers

Sayama comes running toward them so Tsubasa has to run away. Miho faints.

Over at the art gallery, Sononi demands to know why Sonoi would protect their enemies. Sonoi says he has not beaten Don Momotaro. In fact, he actually lost by taking advantage of Tarou’s forthrightness. And for that, Sonoi believes he is a coward.

Sonoza says that is nothing to be ashamed of. Sononi says that is no reason to protect the enemy. Sonoi understands and will not let it happen again.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers

Haruka, Shinichi and Tsuyoshi confront Jirou who introduces himself and says he is a hero and their new companion. Haruka says only Tarou can call them companions. She mocks his outfit and Tsuyoshi says Jirou must have watched too much nitiasa.

Just then, Tsuyoshi gets a call from the hospital and he rushes over. Haruka also has an idea and she and Shinichi hurry back to the café.

Not knowing Jirou is listening outside, Haruka asks Kaito about using their Kibi Points to resurrect Tarou. Kaito is not sure, but is willing to give it a try.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers

At the hospital, Miho is awake and tells Tsuyoshi that she is fine. She’ll just have to spend the night here. Tsuyoshi pulls her into a hug and vows to get revenge on the motorcycle rider who almost hit her and put her in this hospital predicament.

Kishi, meanwhile, arrives at a local high school and attacks students by turning them into shogi pieces. Haruka and Shinichi arrive and henshin, but Kishi is much too fast for them.

The Noto3 arrive. Sononi and Sonoza battle Shinichi and Sonoi focuses on Haruka. Haruka calls for Tarou to return to them. And suddenly, joyous fanfare begins to play.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers

Tarou makes his grand entrance. Shinichi thinks Master Kaito must have been able to use the Kibi Points.

Jirou is in awe as Tarou uphenshins to Robotaro. Tarou uses a speedy peach attack to destroy the Hitotsuki’s first life before it embiggens into the virtual sky.

Tarou calls Tsuyoshi and Tsubasa over, they all go Robotaro and they form Don Onitaijin. They finish off the Hitotsuking with a peachy Robotarozan and Kishi and the students are returned to normal.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers

Back on the ground, Haruka and Shinichi are shocked when Tarou disappears right in front of them. Jirou, watching from behind a tree, believes this really is his time to shine.

At the hospital, Tsuyoshi visits a sleeping Miho and again vows to make the perp pay for putting her in this bed. Suddenly, a Hitotsuki begins to emerge from him.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers

Episode Thoughts

One of the most refreshing things about Donbrothers is how every episode is very full so far. Whether it’s the filler episodes or the bigger episodes, there’s never a dull moment. Now, the danger there is when it’s a “so much is happening yet nothing is happening” kind of situation. And that’s definitely been the case in many recent seasons of either nitiasa toku show. But with Donbros, I feel like the full feeling of every episode is a good thing.

You’re always jumping around to different stories and characters that might not even have anything to do with each other or even the main plot of the episode. Of course, the fact that the Donbros have had to slowly come together plays into that dynamic. And I have enjoyed it so far. But the show has been able to allow this jumping around to feel easy to follow and never overwhelming or messy or hollow.

It really feels like a bunch of pieces slowly being put together. And here we go with my high expectations again. But I anticipate big things to happen when those pieces finally fall into place sooner rather than later.

First of all, I’m glad they didn’t immediately resolve the deadTarou situation yet. Judging from the episode title for next week, talk about sooner rather than later, it seems like we won’t have to wait long. But still, the Donbros trying to figure out Tarou’s situation definitely helped to open the door for Jirou’s introduction.

And I think it was a solid intro for him. I also like that he hasn’t gotten his Donblaster yet. Let’s get to know him a bit more before he henshins. Though again, that’s probably on tap for next week. But that’s okay. Donbrothers has done well with its slow, but steady pace so far.

Better to go slowly and ensure solid story for the whole way through rather than frontload your good stuff and then spend the rest of the year scrambling to get back on track. *cough*Revice*cough* lol

Anyway! Yandere Tsuyoshi is so fascinating to watch. It will be very interesting to see what happens when he and Tsubasa finally meet and realize that they might be in love with the same woman or Juto or whatever. I hope they milk that soapy moment for all its worth when the time comes. And that also could prolong the fractured Donbro team for a little bit as well. There’s some good story potential there as well.

With the Noto3, we continue to get bits and pieces of their personalities. Just good enough to keep them interesting and relevant for now. And seeing Sonoi’s reaction to Tarou’s “death” is a big peeling back of his character as well.

Overall, another solid, if not great episode of the Donbros.

Non-CGI Donbro of the Week

Three weeks in a row with no Non-CGI Donbro! huhu

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  1. I agree that DonBrothers is a fun filled ride and I love the show reveal of the mysteries and chreacters.

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