Music Monday, June 6, 2022 – VICTON, CRAVITY, kyuu, Kim Jae Hwan

Four diverse, but equally great tracks from VICTON, CRAVITY, kyuu and Kim Jae Hwan.

“Stupid O’clock” by VICTON

VICTON’s latest title track is another great example of their continued growth. “Stupid O’clock” is a chic pop-dance track that has the group singing of a late hour in comparison to love. The matching atmospheric and hazy music video add to the overall vibe of the groovy and stylish track.

The rest of the album Chaos follows suit with the funky and fresh “Bonnie and Clyde,” R&B dance track “INK,” modern and summery “Stay,” rock-infused midtempo “In Love” and sweet balled “Dear, young.” No fillers, all repeat-worthy. Another great album from VICTON.

“Vivid” by CRAVITY

CRAVITY recently released a Universe exclusive track “Vivid” and it feels very much like a follow-up to their most recent title track, the great “Adrenaline.” “Vivid” is of a similar vibe and style with a bit more swag and confidence. A great release from them and certainly worthy of full promo rather than limited to the app.

“Cyan Glow” by kyuu

I recently stumbled upon rapper kyuu and his latest release “Cyan Glow” is a catchy, irresistible track. The futuristic track is very different from his previous songs which are more on the mellow side. But that’s what makes it an even more impactful song, especially for anyone who will be introduced to him through it. Certainly a strong gateway to the rest of kyuu’s excellent discography so far.

“Snail” by Kim Jae Hwan

Kim Jae Hwan makes a comeback with the single “Snail.” The soft, fairy tale-like ballad is a sweet song about a confession to the one you love being slow, but steady toward a good place. Kim Jae Hwan has really spread his wings with each of his releases. And “Snail” is no different as the multi-talented artist shows off his strong, yet delicate vocals.

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