Recap: Kamen Rider Revice TV-Kun Hyper Battle DVD

Recap: TV-Kun Hyper Battle DVD: Kamen Rider Revice: Koala VS Kangaroo!! Do you want to avoid love at the wedding?!
Kamen Rider Revice Hyper Battle DVD Recap

In a church, Vice is crying as the priest tells groom Ikki he may kiss the bride. Ikki lifts the bride’s vail, calls her beautiful and leans in. But Vice wants to explain how we got to this moment in the first place.

Kamen Rider Revice Hyper Battle DVD Recap

Flashback to a few days ago. George shows Vice some new Giraffe, Chicken and Kangaroo Vistamps. Vice wonders why he looks so weird when each is in use and asks if George hates him or something.

Meanwhile, Ikki is speaking with his friend Kenta who is a wedding planner. He asks Ikki for help since Deadmans have been attacking his weddings and all his clients have cancelled with him. Ikki assures him that the perp responsible for the use of the Stamp has been captured. But the Deadman itself is still out on the loose.

Sakura comes home and says she just defeated the koala-looking Deadman on her way home from school. But George and Commander Hiromi come in to say it’s back and on the run. Sakura is sure she took care of it, so they wonder if there’s a twin of some sort.

Kenta is worried because his sister’s wedding is this weekend. Ikki pushes Commander Hiromi aside, tells him to shut up with his concerns and tells Kenta he will not let his sister’s wedding be ruined.

“Family comes first!” (ORLY?!)

Kamen Rider Revice Hyper Battle DVD Recap

Vice asks Sakura what a wedding is. Sakura says it is a ceremony where people become family. She wears a dress and accepts everyone’s blessings. Vice imagines Sakura in a wedding gown and Hiromi as the groom. But she poo-poos the idea.

Kamen Rider Revice Hyper Battle DVD Recap

Vice instead has Sakura in a traditional Japanese kimono with George as her groom. Sakura says George would be a pain of a husband.

Vice then has Sakura in a suit marrying him as a bride.

Kamen Rider Revice Hyper Battle DVD Recap

Both Sakura and Ikki call Vice crazy and say that wedding will never happen.

Hiromi looks forward to his own wedding in the future.

Kamen Rider Revice Hyper Battle DVD Recap

All this wedding talk has given George a great idea.

They set up shop at a church where George is the priest, Ikki is the groom, Hiromi is the father of the bride.

Kamen Rider Revice Hyper Battle DVD Recap

After some wedding vows, Father George tells Ikki he may kiss the bride who actually is… Daiji.

Kamen Rider Revice Hyper Battle DVD Recap

Ikki leans in to kiss his brother bride, but Daiji stops him and asks why they must go all the way since this is merely a trap for the Deadman. Also, why does he have to be the bride when Sakura exists. Stranding guard outside, Sakura vents to Lovekov about being passed over for the bride role.

Ikki, channeling Papa Igarashi, couldn’t bear to see Sakura in a wedding dress and getting married.

Hiromi turns to his “daughter” Daiji and wishes him the best married life.

Father George pulls Daiji over to Ikki and says they need to complete this wedding ceremony the right way. And that means a kiss. Ikki grabs Daiji and says this is where they show off their brotherly bond.

Kamen Rider Revice Hyper Battle DVD Recap

Daiji tries to hold off his big brother and calls for the Deadman to hurry up and arrive.

Outside, Sakura sees the same koala Deadman she had defeated after school. She henshins and battles it. Fenix officers relay the information to the boys inside the church.

George is sad that the Deadman arrived so early and prevented Ikki and Daiji from actually kissing.


Kamen Rider Revice Hyper Battle DVD Recap

Vice wonders if George was actually that adamant about having the brothers kiss on the lips. And indeed he was. The Fenix higher-ups didn’t want them doing this, but George did all he could to make this plan to go through just so he could see Ikki and Daiji share a sweet wedding kiss.

Hiromi says it’s time for them to go out to battle. Ikki and Daiji turn to run outside. But Ikki trips on Daiji’s wedding dress.

Kamen Rider Revice Hyper Battle DVD Recap

The brothers fall on the floor with Ikki on top of Daiji and perfectly in position for their lips to actually meet for a kiss.

George is very excited to have watched this happen and records it for future personal use. But Daiji faints from the shock of it.

George folds his hands, looks up to God and pronounces Ikki and Daiji married. Hiromi also joins in the prayer.

Just then, Kagerou pops out and punches Ikki. Kagerou laughs at Daiji kissing his own brother.

Kamen Rider Revice Hyper Battle DVD Recap

Kagerou is about to henshin, but Hiromi grabs the Driver out of his hand. Hiromi and George play football with Driver, allowing Ikki to run outside.

Sakura thinks she has defeated the Deadman for good this time. But Ikki and Vice find a little dolly hopping around which ends up being what resurrects the koala Deadman

Ikki and Vice henshin and take on the Deadman. They try to target the little baby Deadman doll, but it hides in the big Deadman’s pouch. Vice remembers George showing him the kangaroo Vistamp.

Kagerou chases Hiromi who has the Driver. But Vice kabedons Kari-chan and flirts with him to give him the Vistamp. George leans in to start making out with Vice.

Kamen Rider Revice Hyper Battle DVD Recap

Ikki struggles against the Deadman. But Vice arrives with the Kangaroo Vistamp and they uphenshin. Vice shrinks to a mini size who fits in Ikki’s Best Match kangaroo pouch. Together, they can punch the Deadman enough to have Vice hop into its pocket. Here, Vice can battle the mini Deadman.

And together, Ikki and Vice finish off the Deadmans for good.

Later at the Spa, Kenta thanks Ikki-tachi for saving the weddings. Daiji, however, is still in a daze from his experience. George gets up close to Daiji’s face, wanting to show him the video of the moment he’s likely replayed over and over since then.

Kamen Rider Revice Hyper Battle DVD Recap

Hiromi grabs George’s phone and sulks while curled up on the bench.

Vice tells Lovekov they should get married. But Lovekov calls him trash.

Kenta leaves after promising to plan all their weddings for them.

Kamen Rider Revice Hyper Battle DVD Recap

Ikki says Sakura can only marry someone who is strong enough to beat him. She tells him that she won’t even introduce that person to him.

Sakura pushes Ikki off her, but it knocks Hiromi onto Daiji. The two of them fall on the floor with Hiromi on top of Daiji in perfect position for them to kiss on the lips.

Kamen Rider Revice Hyper Battle DVD Recap

George excitedly catches all of this on video. Daiji faints from the shock of having his innocence stolen for the second time in one day.

”Episode” Thoughts

I know the Hyper Battle DVDs are just fun, nonsensical extras. But WTF was this?

At the same time, I enjoyed it more than everything post-Episode 15 (save 25) of the main series. Lol

Aside from George’s weird obsession with seeing two brothers kissing and his less-weird excitement at seeing Daiji and Hiromi kiss, this played out like a normal episode actually.

And it was quite fun overall. It’s a typical Toei plot. Fake wedding to lure in the MOTW. So nothing out of the ordinary there. The slapstick and comedy of course is heightened by being a Hyper Battle DVD episode. But it was otherwise a normal episode plot.

Let’s bring it all the way back around to criticism of the current state of Revice. They talked all about family this episode, whether it was family by marriage or family being strong together. Even George’s overexcitement and actively pushing for two brothers to kiss in a romantic way also has to do with family as well. (It’s weird because they’re brothers(!) lol)

So it’s interesting to see this one-off, non-canon thing be more in line with the season’s initial theme than the main series itself lately. Go figure!

Overall, a fun, if not weird little extra. But I like it mainly because it mostly took me mind off of my frustration with the series for around 17 minutes.

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