Music Monday, May 30, 2022 – BoA, GOT7, Kang Daniel, SEVENTEEN

Four great representative title tracks for new full-length albums from BoA, GOT7, Kang Daniel and SEVENTEEN.

“The Greatest” by BoA

The legend and icon BoA celebrates the 20th anniversary of her Japanese debut with the release of a greatest hits compilation. And its aptly titled title track “The Greatest” is a perfect reminder of the kind of performer and artist BoA is. The great (indeed!) dance track is a catchy tune that gets you up and dancing right along with her. Always great to have some new music from BoA!


GOT7’s no longer an artist under JYP Entertainment. But their first release since stepping out on their own shows they are still the same GOT7 that fans have loved all these years. “NANANA” is a smooth and mellow vibe of a track with the group singing of making that special someone smile. And in this case, the group dedicates the song to their dedicated and loyal fans. The rest of the self-titled album is of similar vibes. But my favorite track is the dreamy finale “Don’t Leave Me Alone,” one of three songs co-written by JAY B as Def. Jinyoung, Youngjae (as Ars) and Yugyeom also contribute the great album as well.

“Upside Down” by Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel makes his comeback with his first full-length album. The first of two title tracks, “Upside Down” is a chill mix of pop, hip-hop and R&B coming together for a great vibe of a song heading into the summer.

Similarly mellow “The Story” and “Loser” feat. Dbo sandwich “Upside Down at the start of the album. “Parade” uses an understated anthemic refrain to catch attention while the Latin-infused “Don’t Tell” featuring Jessi is an upbeat treat in the middle of the album. “Ride 4 U” slows things down a bit before leading into the playful “How We Live” featuring sokodomo. The hip-hop-infused dance track “Mad” features a collab with Chancellor and the album wraps up with the ballads “1000x” and “Moment.” Overall, a wonderful first full album from the talented artist.


SEVENTEEN’s latest title track is aptly titled as well! “Hot” is just a great song. The energetic pop dance track is one of those that’s both a catchy song to listen to on repeat as well as a performance that is to be experienced. The rest of their full-length album “Face the Sun” is also filled with gems.

4 thoughts on “Music Monday, May 30, 2022 – BoA, GOT7, Kang Daniel, SEVENTEEN

  1. After they left JYP, I honestly don’t care about GOT7 anymore. I still like Jaebum, but sucks that he has to associate with that asshole Jay Park. And Jinyoung seems to want to act only anyway. And Youngjae is cool. But now I don’t have to pretend I like the rest of the group. lolol 😂

    1. Also, fuck, Jaebum looks so sexy with that hair in the MV. Thank goodness he got rid of that ugly mullet lol

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