Music Monday, May 23, 2022 (Part 2) – ONEUS, AB6IX, ASTRO, TNX

Check out these four new tracks from ONEUS, AB6IX, ASTRO and rookie group TNX.

“Bring It On” by ONEUS

ONEUS’ latest title track is a bit of a wild card for me. “Bring It On” feels a bit all over the place. I love some parts, I… don’t love some parts. It’s one of those songs that mashes a few different styles and sounds together and it results in something that’s definitely interesting. But not really something I might have on repeat. From the rest of the album, I enjoy the pop-rock “Skydivin'” the most.

“Savior” by AB6IX

AB6IX’s title track “Savior” is actually a similarly frenetic song. In some ways, the shifts are much more abrupt than what happens in ONEUS’ “Bring It On.” But in other ways, “Savior” is better put together and it feels more cohesive overall. I enjoy it a bit more. But it’s still not really my cup of tea. For tea flavors I prefer from their album A to B, I’ll go for the tracks “Parachute” and “Sucker For Your Love” instead.

“Candy Sugar Pop” by ASTRO

ASTRO’s “Candy Sugar Pop” is indeed a sweet track. The retro-infused pop-dance track is probably my favorite ASTRO title track in a while, especially since their obvious shift in style last year. It’s a fun, energetic track that actually harkens back to ASTRO’s early days, but with a contemporary feel. It’s great the group was able to record the album and film the music video before MJ’s enlistment in the military. Especially as it is a full album too. “Drive to the Starry Road” is a diverse mix of tracks. And being a full album, that’s a good thing as ASTRO is able to show off their versatility.

Again, I haven’t been much of a fan of their latest releases. So this album, which is a mix of genres, sounds and styles that they’ve dabbled in since their debut, is a welcome arrival. My favorite tracks are probably the softer “Light the Sky” and “Story.”

“Move” by TNX

Psy debuts his first boy group at P Nation, TNX. Title track “Move” leads the album “Way Up” and it perfectly introduces the group as they aim to make a name for themselves in the industry. The confident track blends the rap and sung parts in a great way that allows the bumping, affirmative chorus to not feel empty or out of place. The group definitely shows off their potential and talent with their performance. The rest of the album is also solid with the funky “180sec” and the softer “Your Favorite Melody” allowing the group to show their versatility.

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