Music Monday, May 23, 2022 (Part 1) – Demian, LUMINOUS, ONEWE, BXW

Hopeful, bright tracks from Demian, LUMINOUS, ONEWE, BXW.

“Basement Boy” by Demian

It is so great to see Demian finally back with some new music. It’s been more than a year since his last release. And after gaining lots of attention appearing on JTBC’s Super Band 2, Demian makes his comeback with “Basement Boy.” The track is very different from his releases so far. But it is a hopeful pop track that matches Demian’s bright personality. It’s also an opportunity for him to show a different side of him through his performance though fans already know of Demian’s friendly personality. Hoping it won’t be too long until we get more fresh music from this talented guy!

“Wish You Were Here” by LUMINOUS

LUMINOUS releases their first single album with the track “Wish You Were Here” and it is an unexpectedly sweet midtempo pop song encouraging the youth during hard times. The band says this is a special treat for fans before they continue on with the third story of their debut Luminous series. A great way for the talented group to show off a different side of themselves.

“Roommate” by ONEWE

ONEWE celebrates their 3rd anniversary with the release of special album “Timeless.” Along with a 2022 version of “Starlight,” which the band released as a single during their MAS0094 days, is the title track “Roommate.” The rock ballad is a wonderfully nostalgic song about remembering the moments of today before growing up. It’s a great song that speaks to the band’s own growth as well. Happy Anniversary ONEWE!

“Candy Run” by BXW

BXW continues churning out a diverse mix of tracks. And they have a fun one with the bright pop track “Candy Run.” A sweet treat indeed from the talented J-pop group.

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