Music Monday, April 18, 2022 (Part 2) – Daybreak, LUCY, SEVENTEEN, Jessi, Onew

Choose your vibe with these great tracks from Daybreak and Lucy, SEVENTEEN, Jessi and Onew.

“Oh eh” by Daybreak, Lucy

Daybreak and Lucy continue their special collaboration with the release of “Oh eh.” The groovy rhythm is a departure from Lucy’s usual bright and youthful songs. And that’s part of what makes this such a great song and performance. The collab has the two bands really drawing out the best of each other and offering up something fresh and different. And “Oh eh” is an excellent vibe of a song. The mature, nighttime vibe with a hint of playfulness is an irresistible combination with the two bands’ obvious talents.

“Darl+ing” by SEVENTEEN

It feels like it’s been a while since SEVENTEEN’s last comeback. But they deliver with their latest. The English-language “Darl+ing” is a synth-infused pop song with an addictive chorus that is very reminiscent of the group’s recent releases. A romantic track paired with an interesting music video.

“Zoom” by Jessi

You can always expect a catchy track and confident performance from Jessi. So the fact that she absolutely delivers with “Zoom” is no surprise. What is a bit of a surprise is the soft pre-chorus that is an interesting contrast with the verses and chorus where Jessi goes so much harder. Overall, it’s a fun, refreshing track from Jessi where her recent title tracks have been more on the harder hip-hop vibes.

“Dice” by Onew

Always great to have Onew stepping out with solo releases. The synth-infused rhythm of title track “Dice” is a refreshing sound that matches well with Onew’s uniquely powerful vocals. The rest of the album is along the same vibes. The groovy “On the Way” is a particularly appealing track and the synth in the closing “In the Whale” is a dreamy listen.

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