Music Monday, April 18, 2022 (Part 1) – JUST B, EPEX, DKZ, KINGDOM

Perhaps one of these great songs from JUST B, EPEX, DKZ and KINGDOM will match your mood for the week.


It’s great to finally get some new music from JUST B. And “RE=LOAD” is definitely worth the wait. It’s always refreshing to have a chorus that actually has full sentences as lyrics. Especially with a good ol’ pop dance track that goes hard like this one. And the chorus is excellent. Another charismatic performance from the group.

The rest of the album is very good. My favorite B-side track is definitely the mellow “Lights On” which closes out the album.

“Anthem of Teen Spirit” by EPEX

After a bit of a brighter concept for their last comeback, EPEX returns to the darker motif of their debut with “Anthem of Teen Spirit.” First of all, the company has addressed the concerns people have raised about the song and music video. So for anyone with those concerns, that’s for them to take as they will.

For me, I quite liked the song and the music. I particularly liked the pre-chorus and bridge of the song. The slower moments and the roaring chorus work well together to make each more impactful.

The rest of the album definitely has no skips. But my favorite is the mellow (I sense a pattern here!) and comforting “I’ll Go First.” Also a perfect closer for the strong album.

“Cupid” by DKZ

It’s always hard when a group you enjoy goes through member changes. It takes a bit of adjusting and it’s also bittersweet. With DONGKIZ, now DKZ, it’s even harder since Wondae was my bias in the group. And Munik, who is on hiatus, was probably my bias wrecker. When first seeing the concept photos for this comeback, I was a bit worried the group would drastically change up their fun, bright style they’ve really been known for since debut, rendering them almost unrecognizable.

Much to my relief, the group has actually maintained their style and sound with this comeback. And it helped to overcome some of the bittersweet sadness about the group’s changes. “Cupid” is very much DONGKIZ. Fun, bright, energetic and with a strong performance aspect. So their transition to the next chapter as DKZ looks like they’re off to a good start.

I’ve started, but haven’t gotten around to finishing Semantic Error. But it’s awesome to see Jaechan have huge success with it as it gets people to finally wake up to DONGKIZ, now DKZ’s talents. Hopefully the new fans can check out the rest of the pre-DKZ discography as well and finally appreciate this underrated and talented group.

“(Promise) The Song of Dann” by KINGDOM

KINGDOM had a bit of a mysterious, dramatic tease at the end of the MV for “Ascension.” And that tease turns out to be for the captivating music video for the stunning closing ballad of the album “(Promise) The Song of Dann.” It is a must watch (as is everything KINGDOM does, to be honest) as the cinematic and drama-worthy music video perfectly captures the emotional lyrics and performance of the song. And of course, it also fits perfectly in the group’s epic narrative concept.

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