Music Monday, April 11, 2022 (Part 2) – NOA, JO1, Beverly

Listen to these great songs from Japan featuring NOA, JO1 and Beverly.

“It Ain’t Over” by NOA

NOA returns with a fresh R&B/hip-hop vibe of a song. NOA has released a diverse mix of songs since his debut and he’s delivered great performances with each on. The groovy “It Ain’t Over” is no different in that sense, but definitely a different kind of vibe from the talented solo artist. And just another awesome display of his talent and charisma.

“Dreamer” by JO1

I definitely missed the release of Dreamer” by JO1 a few months ago. The ending song of the group’s first drama series Short Program is a soft, nostalgic pop track. Just from the song and music video, I get a warm sense of the series itself. And it certainly has me looking forward to watching it as well.

“Move the Soul” by JO1

Meanwhile, their just released song “Move the Soul” is a fun and energetic pop dance track. Both songs will be part of the group’s upcoming May album. And with both tracks, JO1 is able to show off their versatility and how far they’ve come from their Produce 101 win.

“I Think I Like You” by Beverly

Filipina J-pop singer Beverly releases the wonderful R&B-tinged ballad “I Think I Like You.” Beverly is able to deliver with her always on-point vocals with this romantic confession song. Able to do both the softer and smooth vocals with her signature powerhouse range, Beverly has another great song with this one.

Also check out her live performance on her monthly livestream here:

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