Music Monday, April 11, 2022 – W24, 2Z, GHOST9

Three great bands, four great songs. Listen to new music from W24, 2Z and GHOST9.

“J♡B = Love” by W24

W24 has been one of the most underrated bands, having released many fun and bright tracks since their debut. But the band finally gets the chance to release their first full length album White Album with the double title tracks “J♡B = Love” and “Revelations.”

“J♡B = Love” is a sweet confession song that has the band singing of their love and appreciation for the bright light that has come into their lives.

“Revelations” by W24

The 2nd title track “Revelations,” which actually opens the album, has the band rocking out to a similarly passionate message to a loved one. With the two tracks, W24 is able to introduce themselves to new fans while reminding older fans what they’ve loved about the band these last four years.

The rest of White Album includes the R&B-tinged “Because of You,” the groovy “Missing You J,” ballad “Song of Songs” and the soaring “I Am Down” to close out the original section of the album. Six CD exclusive tracks are special 2022 rerecorded arrangements of their previous releases as well.

All in all, a wonderful first full album and showcase for the talented band.

“Like a Cool” by 2Z

You can always depend on 2Z to deliver a great song and performance. And they’ve offered their voices and talent to many OSTs recently. The latest, “Like a Cool,” is from the series Oh! Boarding House. If the song and music video is anything to go by, the series looks to be a fun and lighthearted time. The bright energy from the band and the song itself is addictive and certainly leaves a smile on your face.

“X-Ray” by GHOST9

GHOST9 makes their first comeback after a few member departures and they reintroduce themselves with the powerful “X-Ray.” The charismatic rock-infused hip-hop track is definitely a song that allows the group to show off their vocal and performance skills. It’s a great step forward for fans who have been with them from the beginning and a great gateway for any new fans who may be listening to and watching them for the first time.

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