Music Monday, March 28, 2022 (Part 2) – T1419, eSNa, Zack Tabudlo, The Juans

Happy and hopeful vibes with new tracks from T1419, eSNa, Zack Tabudlo and The Juans.

“Edelweiss” by T1419

T1419 release a special track dedicated to their fans, known as “Edelweiss.” The song is a bright and hopeful track that allows the group to show off a different side of themselves as most of their titles have been powerful and charismatic dance tracks. A wonderful treat for the group’s supportive fans.

“Lovely Day” by eSNa

eSNa always delivers captivating performances. And with “Lovely Day,” she brings a bright performance to a song she wrote 12 years ago. eSNa’s unique and strong vocals are irresistibly charming for the song about making every day a special day with your loved ones.

“Asan Ka Na Ba” by Zack Tabudlo

Zack Tabudlo has found great success with his addictive tracks and mellow vibes. His latest track “Asan Ka Na Ba” is the ultimate track for all the lonely hearts out there (*raises hand myself*) hoping to find “the one.” The groovy track and its nostalgic MV are a perfect match with Zack’s smooth, soft vocals.

“Liwanag” by The Juans

Pop-rock band The Juans release their first album Liwanag and the first single of the same name. The uplifting and hopeful track is exactly like its title says. The band sings of a positive light in the midst of hardships and difficulties. And as illustrated in the song’s MV, that includes natural disasters and the ongoing COVID pandemic. But The Juans deliver that hopeful feeling through this great, forward-looking track.

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