Music Monday, March 21, 2022 (Part 1) – WEi, Kim Junsu, Stray Kids, INI

Energetic comebacks from WEi, Kim Junsu, Stray Kids and INI.

“Too Bad” by WEi

After debuting with powerful, charismatic concepts, WEi follows up their bright summer comeback last year with the equally cheerful “Too Bad.” The group’s energetic performance is an addictive and immediately likeable track with their charms and talents on full display. For me though, I’ve always found some hidden gems on their albums that have become my favorite tracks. That’s the case again here. It’s an overall solid album. But my favorite track is definitely “Blossom.”

“HANA” by Kim Junsu

It’s great to have Kim Junsu return with new music. And “Hana” is a special one as it is the first release since setting up his own agency. The bright dance track is a special message for his fans who’ve supported him all these years. And it’s certainly a track that both longtime fans and new listeners will be able to vibe with.

“Maniac” by Stray Kids

I haven’t been too much of a fan of Stray Kids’ recent title tracks. None have had the staying power on my playlist like many of their earlier releases. But I do like “Maniac.” It’s a bit of a balance between early Stray Kids and the harder sound they’ve been going for recently. Among the other songs from the album, I quite enjoy the rock-tinged “Waiting for Us” by Bang Chan, Lee Know, Seungmin and I.N.

“Call 119” by INI

Produce 101 winners INI makes their first comeback after debut. But I’m a bit underwhelmed and it’s really because their debut “Rocketeer” was that amazing. It really raised the bar and unfortunately, I don’t know that “Call 119” was able to reach it. Both the song and the music video feel too run of the mill. It’s like any other song you’d hear from any group out there. It’s not immediately attention-grabbing like “Rocketeer” was. And the music video is definitely not on the same level either. Quite obvious that it had a lower budget than the debut. Which is understandable I guess since you want to make a good first impression. So I’m sad I don’t love this song more considering how much I love “Rocketeer” and still have it on repeat.

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