Music Monday, January 31, 2022 – Def., HALF featuring Chaerang, PENTAGON, BXW

Enjoy these great new tracks from Def., HALF featuring Chaerang, PENTAGON, BXW.

“Sunset With You” by Def.

When I first listened to “Sunset With You,” my first thought was “Oh, I really like this song a lot more than his solo debut because this sounds more like the songs he used to upload on soundcloud.” Then I realize Jay B is releasing this new album as Def and it made so much more sense. I’ve always been a fan of Im Jaebum and I really loved the songs he would post on soundcloud a few years back. So this entire LOVE. album is definitely more my vibe.

“Living Just Like That” by HALF featuring Chaerang

KNK’s Kim Jihun is back with another solo release as HALF with “Living Just Like That.” Featuring singer Chaerang, the song is another beautiful and sentimental track. Jihun and Chaerang’s voices blend perfectly, setting the vibes for a song about a man and woman who were once lovers. Just a great track and always love getting new music from him.

“Feelin’ Like” by PENTAGON

What a way to celebrate member Jinho returning to the group after completing his military service. PENTAGON’s latest comeback title “Feelin’ Like” is an addictive pop-R&B track. The group is certainly no stranger to addictive hooks and they deliver once again with this one that is accompanied by a classy style that shows a different side of them.

“Hurricane” by BXW

J-pop group BXW celebrates their one year anniversary with the special release of “Hurricane.” The group has really showed off their versatility in the last year as they’ve been able to deliver great, diverse performances. Whether it’s the dark, charismatic tracks or the brighter pop tracks, BXW easily takes care of either. “Hurricane” is one of those more powerful charismatic tracks and it’s an energetic song to celebrate their milestone.

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