Music Monday, January 10, 2022 (Extra) – Hyunjun Hur, BLITZERS, P1Harmony, SF9

A couple of interesting new tracks from Hyunjun Hur, BLITZERS, P1Harmony, SF9.

“Let Me Drown” by Hyunjun Hur

Hyunjun Hur’s latest release “Let Me Drown” is another showcase for his talent. Hyunjun’s smooth vocals glide across the mellow self-composed track, an expressive song about a post-breakup. He completes the performance with his own choreography and styling for an always impressive total package from the well-rounded solo artist.

“Bobbin” by BLITZERS

Rookie group BLITZERS returns with the rock-infused “Bobbin.” Though a bit different from their two title tracks so far in terms of sound, the youthful energy is still there as the group sings about letting your voice be heard instead of merely nodding along to what others say. A good song.

“Do It Like This” by P1Harmony

Right upfront, I don’t love P1Harmony’s “Do It Like This” as much as I still do “Scared” or “Siren.” Though the confident youthful energy the group has effortlessly expressed since their debut (and even pre-debut in their own feature film) is present in the song, I guess this one just isn’t my cup of tea. That’s not to say anything of their performance though which is as powerful as expected. And I know many fans will love this slight shift into a fresh sound for the group.

For me though, I’m happy to have a song like “Before the Dawn” which is my favorite on the album Disharmony: Find Out. What I think everyone can agree on is that having this diverse mix of songs shows the group’s limitless potential and talent.

“Savior” by SF9

First off, I’m so happy the exclusive releases on the Universe app have now become more widely available. Especially the music videos. SF9’s “Savior” is a one of those releases and it’s a great one. A blend of hopeful lyrics and a bit of a darker, more dramatic melody presents an interesting song that is very much in line with the more mature SF9 that they have grown into over the last few years.

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