Music Monday, January 10, 2022 – ONEWE, BZ-Boys, IZ, UP10TION

The many emotions about memories of the past are expressed with four great tracks from ONEWE, BZ-Boys, IZ, UP10TION.

“Universe” by ONEWE

ONEWE releases their latest album Planet Nine: VOYAGER and “Universe” is a stunningly beautiful title track. Leader Yonghoon co-wrote the soaring, emotional rock ballad and is very much what one might come to expect from the talented band. Both the song and accompanying music video builds up and crescendos with a stirring and emotional finish as they sing of always being by their loved ones, physically, emotionally and through the cherished memories when those loved ones may be far away. Truly a heartrending song performed with captivating passion. As ONEWE often does.

The rest of the album follows suit. Tracks like “Envision,” “Orbit” and “From” are of similar feelings while tracks like “Montage” and “Trigger” offer the band the opportunity to truly rock out with equally powerful performances.

“Find You” by BZ-Boys

BZ-Boys made my list of favorite songs of 2021 with the great “Close Your Eyes.” And they start off 2022 with their latest comeback track “Find You.” The midtempo house track evokes a great nostalgic atmosphere as their smooth vocals sing of longing and regret for a past relationship. The group has really been able to find their voice with every comeback. And it’s awesome to see their exponential growth with every one. So good! Hope they can release lots of new music this year.

“Flower Language” by IZ

IZ is another underrated band and they make a comeback with their latest self-composed track “Flower Language.” The warm nostalgic sound perfectly fits the lyrics of bittersweet reminiscing. And it is a perfect song for the season. IZ is able to dip into a slightly different sound with this release, but still very much in line with their great string of releases so far.

“Crazy About You” by UP10TION

It’s been a while since I’ve truly loved an UP10TION title track. But that immediately changed with the release of their latest “Crazy About You.” It’s a more mature UP10TION as the currently 7-member group offer up the dramatic and emotional song about longing for the moments once spent with someone now gone. The chorus is especially appealing and it’s the kind of soaring melody I don’t know I’ve heard from them. At least, not in a long time.

The rest of the album Novella contains a diverse mix of tracks. Aside from “Crazy About You” which is my favorite, the rock-tinged “Fall” is another great fresh sound from the group.

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