Music Monday, December 6, 2021 (Extra) – Xdinary Heroes, Siyoon, Kim Daegeon, Min

Four diverse tracks from Xdinary Heroes, Siyoon, Kim Daegeon of F.CUZ and Min.

“Happy Death Day” by Xdrinary Heroes

JYP Entertainment’s newest band arrives with an explosive debut track in “Happy Death Day.” It is an assertive song and performance that definitely introduces the band’s unique sound and style, perhaps in a most unexpected way. But the track is an energetic performance with the perfect amount of youthful defiance and a confident display of musical talent. It’s certainly an attention-grabbing debut and a rousing start to a promising career.

“Beautiful” by Siyoon

Singer-songwriter Siyoon is back with the romantic synth-pop vibes in “Beautiful.” The retro-infused melody blends well with Siyoon’s high tone. And it is a nice match with his last release, the dance track “Dance With Me.”

“For Fight” by Kim Daegeon

F.CUZ, one of my all-time favorite groups, seem to have something cooking. So that’s very exciting. But in the meantime, main vocalist Kim Daegeon contributes to the OST of “버티고, 슛 2” with the track “For Fight.” The web series follows a fictional version of the Gyeongnam FC football club and the confident rock song, with Daegeon’s always strong vocals, is a perfect track to capture the passionate feelings of sports team aiming for success.

“Onion” by Min

Former missA member Min is finally back and ready to reintroduce herself as a solo artist with the track “Onion.” Min playfully sings about the many layers of her personality that she is sure to peel back as she embarks on the next stage of her career. And it’s definitely great to see her after such a long time!

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