Music Monday, December 6, 2021 – ATEEZ, ONF, Chungha, T1419

Four diverse tracks expressing hopeful outlooks from ATEEZ, ONF, Chungha and T1419.

“Turbulence” by ATEEZ

Here comes ATEEZ with a sure last-minute addition to what will be my list of favorite tracks of the year. Though I’m a fan of most everything they release, softer ATEEZ is definitely my favorite kind of ATEEZ. And the rock-infused ballad “Turbulence” more than fits the bill. The emotional lyrics about overcoming the rough patches in life carry with them a sense of hope that comes through with the group’s wonderful vocal performance here. It’s really great to see ATEEZ releasing a song like this for a title track when usually the group keeps them as B-sides on their albums. But it shines a spotlight on a side of ATEEZ that perhaps isn’t as widely appreciated by the mainstream who may only know them by their powerful, charismatic performances.

“Goosebumps” by ONF

Ahead of their group enlistment for mandatory military service, ONF releases Goosebumps, their last album together for a while. The title track is a funky electronic dance track with a dynamic bass. And both the song and the (as always) cinematically high concept MV perfectly encapsulates the group’s always electric and unique releases. Though it might be sad to see the group away for a year and a half, one thing’s for sure, when they do comeback, everyone will be treated to more great music like this.

“Killing Me” by Chungha

Continuing with the emerging theme this week, Kim Chungha releases special single “Killing Me.” Chungha’s colorful vocals glide across the up-tempo pop track about the repetitive routines of daily life, but maintaining a hopeful light at the end of the tunnel. It’s a great track that highlights Chungha’s always wonderful vocals.

“Red Light, Green Light” by T1419

T1419 kicks things up a notch and also express a similar feeling with “Red Light, Green Light.” With the now-familiar “무궁화 꽃이 피었습니다” as a catchy hook throughout, the song has the group singing of chasing their dreams and being able to overcome hardships by having fun, loving what you do and setting your mind to that ultimate goal. It’s a song that sounds and feels fresh, even if it fits perfectly in T1419’s youthful and energetic discography so far.

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