Recap: Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger, Episode 37 – Bitter Daikon, Deep Roots!

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 37 Recap

Kaito, Vroom and Flint have just arrived from searching Romancetopia for Mama Goshikida without success. They run into Magine using her fortune telling to help little girl Yuna look for her doll Mimi-chan which she made herself. Flint doesn’t think that will help at all. Anyway, Yuna says the doll wasn’t very good anyway.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 37 Recap

Just then, Daikon World is making objects and trash resent the people who threw them away. Kaito, Magine and Vroom henshin, but Daikon World is able to get the resentful trash to stick to Vroom. Stacey appears and distracts the Zenkaigers enough for Daikon World to have a chance to leave.

Ijirude assures Bokkowaus and Gege that his plan will work, especially now with Stacey stepping in to help protect the Worlds while Hakaizer’s brainwashing is still unstable. Bokkowaus and Gege leave to find another use for Hakaizer.

Barashitara comments on Stacey taking a liking to Ijirude’s puppet Hakaizer. But Stacey says they are actually friends. Barashitara says that makes sense since they’re both puppets.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 37 Recap

At the shop, Zyuran and Kaito are trying to get the trash off of Vroom. The others wonder what Daikon World has to do with trash and Grandma Yacchan suggests maybe it’s because you can eat every part of a daikon.

Flint notices Yuna thinking about throwing things out.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 37 Recap

Zox pops out from the back and says they need to simply defeat Daikon World. He calls Flint for them to leave for the ship. The others head out as well.

Grandma Yacchan offers to help Yuna search for the doll, but Yuna says she’ll just go home for the day. But Magine runs into Yuna throwing her garbage out by the river. Yuna says she wants Daikon World to attack her so that Mimi-chan will return. Flint comes down from the ship to join them, having had an inkling about what happened with the doll.

Yuna admits that she threw the doll away before being able to show her friends who wanted to see it because she thought it was ugly and poorly made.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 37 Recap

Flint says she did the same thing to a music box she made when was a kid, the first thing she ever created. But she had put a lot of heart into making it and regretted throwing it away. In the end, Zox found the music box and returned it to her. It might not have been perfect, but it was hers.

Magine relates as well as she loves fortune telling even if she’s not very good at it.

Yuna says she just wants to apologize to Mimi-chan. Magine and Flint promise to find Mimi-chan for her.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 37 Recap

The Zenkaigers (with Vroom present in spirit) find Daikon World and they henshin. While they take on Kudakks, Magine has Yuna hop on her back in order to have Daikon World shoot her with a daikon cap. Magine flies Yuna over to a waiting Flint as they wait for all her trash to come flying over.

Stacey and Hakaizer arrive to help Daikon World. Stacey says Hakaizer was supposed to remain on standby, but Hakaizer says he couldn’t let his friend fight alone.

Daikon World shoots Kaito, Zyuran and Gaon and the Kudakks whom they cast aside rise back up. Daikon World then summons Kikaitopia, the home the Kikainoids also cast aside.

Kaito and Zox go Super and target BFFs Stacey and Hakaizer. The father and son battle, though Hakaizer doesn’t acknowledge being Papa Goshikida.

Secchan suggests Zyuran and Gaon use the Magiranger Gear and they are able to get the Kudakks to fade away, accepting their fate. They turn their attention to Daikon World and Kaito ties Hakaizer up in order to help destroy Daikon World for good.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 37 Recap

Meanwhile, Mimi-chan comes floating in with a felt knife she wants to use against Yuna. But Magine and Flint have Mimi-chan tied up in order to allow Yuna to apologize to her.

All the daikoned people are back to normal. Stacey summons a New Kudaitest which turns into Dai Daikon World. The Zenkaigers hop into Zenryoku ZenkaiOh and then use a Lupinranger Gear to have an embiggened Grandma Yacchan use grated daikon in delicious dishes.

That gives them the Zenkaigers the chance to finish off Dai Daikon World for good with a Grand Zenkai Big Bang finisher.

Later, Yuna thanks Magine and Flint for helping her find Mimi-chan.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 37 Recap

Back at the palace, Bokkowaus and Gege laugh about redirecting Hakaizer to a new plan.

Episode Thoughts

A nice, simple filler episode and a good joint focus episode for Magine and Flint. They didn’t go deep into anything, but just a simple lesson on going ahead and doing what you love for yourself and not for what others might think. No need for other people’s validation as long as you love and enjoy what you’re doing.

Magine loves fortune telling even if she’s not too good with it. Flint made a not-so-pretty looking music box, but it was her first creation made with her whole heart. And Yuna thought her doll was poorly made, but she enjoyed making it.

Simple, but meaningful plot for the week and good character moments for Magine and Flint. Probably two of the characters that most need some character development at this point in the season.

Mimi-chan appearing as a Chucky wannabe was amusing.

As for the rest of the episode, the lack of urgency in saving Mama and Papa Goshikida kind of throws me off week to week. Like, obviously they aren’t going to spend every single episode moping about it. But I guess the lack of urgency plus Kaito’s always happy face kind of diminishes the situation somewhat. I forget about it, but I’ll notice it with moments like that final scene of the Gang cheering about *eventually* saving the Goshikidas. Whenever that’ll be lol

The episode also reminded me of Stacey and Barashitara’s strained relationship. We seem to be getting closer to the climax for Stacey’s story, but haven’t really gotten much in terms of exploring this strange father-son dynamic. Which I think should have a lot of potential for good story. Especially in a way that helps build up Stacey’s character even more.

We’ll see where Bokkowaus and Gege’s Hakaizer realignment goes I guess.

But the main attraction of the episode was Magine, Flint and little Yuna. And the episode got the message across in a nice, simple and straightforward way that was still enjoyable.

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