Music Monday, November 29, 2021 – Diverse Tracks of Hope from 2Z, GHOST9 and JO1

Diverse Tracks of Hope from 2Z, GHOST9 and JO1.

“It Is U” by 2Z (TuZi)

“Greeting” by 2Z (TuZi)

2Z is back with a new album which also serves as the OST for their very own webtoon Plz Luv Me Again that has just started exclusively on the POCKETDOLS app. One of the title tracks is the nostalgic “It Is U,” a positive and hopeful song about fate. The other title track “Greeting” is a sentimental and personal rock ballad.

Along with the colorful rock opener “I Wish It Wasn’t a Dream” (as well as its dance version to close out the album), the retro vibes of the synth-infused “I Know” and the bright “Turn My Camera On,” the album is another great showcase for 2Z’s sound and style for anyone who has yet to discover the talented band.

“Control” by GHOST9

GHOST9 has gone through some changes since releasing “Seoul” (one of my favorites of the year) back in March. After their last album in June, two of the members sadly moved on from the group. But GHOST9 continues on with the release of Now: Who We Are Facing, their fifth mini album. The title track “Control” is a dramatic performance track about letting go of fears and uncertainties. Definitely different from the energetic pop-dance vibe of “Seoul” and the summery “Up All Night,” “Control” harkens back to the group’s first two title tracks which had them introducing themselves with a strong charismatic image.

The rest of the album features great R&B-infused tracks “Triangle,” “Love Language” and “Dreaming” as well as the pop-dance track “Cosmos.”

“Our Season” by JO1

No stumbles for JO1 yet and they prove as much on their winter single “Our Season.” The sweet track reminds listeners of the great vocals that go along with their always excellent performances as their voices take center stage here. It’s always great when artists are able to effortlessly show off their versatility. And JO1 always manages to do that with every release.

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