Music Monday, November 8, 2021 (Part 1) – 2AM, TO1, The Boyz, Wild Idol

A long-awaited comeback from 2AM, anticipated comebacks from TO1 and The Boyz and another great track from the contestants of Wild Idol.

“No Good in Goodbye” by 2AM

It is so wonderful to have 2AM back with new music after all these years. 2AM shows once again how they are one of the best vocal groups in the industry. The beautiful harmonies and powerful voices so effortlessly express the emotional lyrics of the track. It’s hard to think that they are being introduced to a new generation of K-pop fans with this release. That is, for someone like me who was already a fan of theirs just a year after their initial debut. But it’s a good thing that longtime fans and newer K-pop listeners are treated to the excellent vocals of the four members of 2AM. The rest of the album is just as great with not a single skippable track on it.

“Maverick” by The Boyz

The Boyz return with a new single album and its title track “Maverick.” It’s an interesting song for me. I was very unsure as the song started, but it would quickly grow on me as the song went along. It’s definitely a song that fits the direction the group is gravitating towards. And overall, it does its job. A high-energy dance track with a particularly nice pre-chorus that’s my favorite part of the song.

“No More X” by TO1

TO1 signaled their rebirth with one of my favorite tracks of the year “Son of the Beast.” And they return with a similarly dynamic track in “No More X.” The hip-hop dance track continues to show the group’s continued growth. And the strong, charismatic energy they exude with their performance is a definite attention-grabber.

“Diving to the Top” by The Wild Idol

The remaining finalists of MBC’s Wild Idol are still in fierce competition and they release another great track along the way. “Diving to the Top” is a great dance track with positive lyrics, perfect for the competition program. And much to my surprise, it was actually produced by Young K and Wonpil of DAY6. No wonder it was an immediate like for me!

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