Music Monday, August 16, 2021 – Amazing Performances of Excellent Tracks from 777 (Triple Seven), BZ-Boys, Park Ji Hoon, BDC

Four amazing performances of four powerful tracks from four talented artists! Featuring 777 (Triple Seven), BZ-Boys, Park Ji Hoon, BDC.

“Presente” by 777 (Triple Seven)

I don’t know what it is about co-ed groups and that Latin flavor. But it always works. That’s definitely the case with 777 (Triple Seven). Co-ed groups are always refreshing to see in K-pop. Having been a fan of B.I.G since their debut and liking their hoobae group 3YE, I was very excited when the collab was first announced.

We’re heading into the last couple of weeks of summer, but it’s not too late for the song of the summer to emerge. And 777’s debut track “Presente” is definitely my choice. Most of my favorite songs of the year so far have been more of the mellow variety. But “Presente” could be my (what the kids call) “bop” of the year so far. The rousing Latin-infused track is the kind of seductive, flirty summer party song you just want to get up and dance to. Amazing, fun song brought to life by a flawless, powerful and fiery performance from the members.

I’m very excited to see what 777 has in store for the future. According to them, they hope to release a song in every season. That should be very interesting and I’m definitely looking forward to it.

Check out their hilarious and fun debut guest appearance on Arirang’s After School Club to get to know more about them:

“Close Your Eyes” by BZ-Boys

BZ-Boys debuted in 2019 with the great “question” and followed it up with a single album in October of that year. But they are finally making their first comeback almost two years later. Back with a new member, the group returns with a great, impactful track in “Close Your Eyes.” It’s a really ear-catching track, especially with the traditional Korean gayageum adding an interesting and unique sound to the synth-infused pop-dance track.

The B-side track on this single album “Burn It Up” is also a great song and very much title-worthy as well. It’s been a long wait for BZ-Boys and they are able to make their mark with this one.

“Gallery” by Park Ji Hoon

Having just finished At a Distance, Spring is Green, I’m in a bit of Park Ji Hoon withdrawal. But no problems there since he’s back with new mini-album My Collection. Title track “Gallery” is an energetic, disco-infused dance track that gives Ji Hoon the opportunity to once again show off his effortless talent and charisma.

“Moon Walker” by BDC

BDC completed their excellent moon-themed trilogy The Intersection in June and they cap it off with the release of this special single “Moon Walker.” Accompanied by a performance music video, the song is definitely one that showcases how far the group has come since their debut. An effortless performance from them of a powerful, charismatic track.

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