Music Monday, August 16, 2021 (Extra) – CIX, N.CUS, JO1, Siyoon

It’s a good week for new music. Here’s four more excellent tracks featuring CIX, N.CUS, JO1, Siyoon.

“Wave” by CIX

Considering “Cinema” is still my favorite song of 2021, I had high expectations for CIX’s follow-up. And even more excited to learn this comeback would be a full album. Now that “Wave” has been released, I couldn’t be happier. My favorite CIX songs have been “Cinema,” “Rebel” and “Reveal.” And “Wave” definitely has that similar vibe. With a midtempo and groovy melody, CIX sings positively of moving forward at your own pace despite rough waters. After a few more listens, “Wave” just might join “Cinema” at the top of my list this year. The chorus is especially irresistible.

Needless to say, I’m very excited to listen to the rest of the album.

“Get Out” by N.CUS

After a solid debut in 2019, N.CUS had their first comeback earlier this year with digital single “Shining Star,” a nice ballad. This time the group releases their 2nd single album led by the title track “Get Out.” Though it is a bit different from their debut song, “Get Out” is a great, uptempo dance track that provides the members a chance to show a strong performance.

“Icarus” by JO1

Continuing to count down to the release of their fourth EP, JO1 released a performance video of track “Icarus.” Though a B-side track, the song is very much title worthy. I’ve definitely enjoyed JO1’s softer and more mellow tracks a lot. JO1 has been unstoppable since their debut, churning out earworm after earworm. And “Icarus” is another one to add to that repeat playlist. It could really end up being one of my favorite JO1 tracks.

“Dance With Me” by Siyoon

For his solo releases so far, Siyoon has mainly offered singer-songwriter vibes. And all solid, great songs. But he switches it up a bit with his latest track “Dance With Me.” The synth-pop dance track is an energetic song with playful, flirtatious lyrics. Siyoon effortlessly conveys those feelings in his performance and in the simple, but engaging music video.

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