Recap and Review: Kamen Rider Blades x Specter

Kamen Rider Blades x Specter

After Tassel recaps the first half of the crossover, the two remaining Danton disciples chant their daily blood egg hymn believing in Danton’s resolve to create the perfect human. To do that, they need to capture Leon. And to capture Leon, they will use four Kanon clones.

Kamen Rider Blades x Specter Kamen Rider Blades x Specter

Next day, Mei is bringing an excited Rintaro to taste some choux a la crème. But their cream puff date is interrupted by one of the Kanon clones fighting off a creeper trying to hit on her. Mei and Rintaro approach her after she tells him about the interesting girl from the other day.

Kamen Rider Blades x Specter

Over at Daitenku Temple, the real Kanon has arrived from the Ganma World and is with Takeru. He apologizes for one of her “sisters” getting taken by the weirdos. Javert felt so guilty, he’s up in the mountains to atone.

Kanon explains what the Danton stragglers are doing and she is worried that Makoto and Alain will be crushed if they find out what’s going on. Kanon says she’s always been saved by other people. Now it’s time for her to do something herself.

Kamen Rider Blades x Specter

Mei and Rintaro are speaking with the cloneKanon. He thinks she looks like a regular homo sapiens, but Mei insists that she is not one. cloneKanon is only concerned about finding her brother. She punches Rintaro and runs off.

Mei and Rintaro chase after her, but run into the real Kanon who they think is the Kanon they’ve been with this entire time. Kanon explains that there are actually five of them and they hurry over to find that cloneKanon with Desast.

Desast says Kanon has no smell so she’s just a regular human.

cloneKanon insists on meeting her brother, but Kanon says that will only hurt him. Kanon says cloneKanon does not understand their brother’s feelings, such as the pain he felt when he found out he was Leon.

Kamen Rider Blades x Specter

Kanon does not want her brother to relive that horrible movie so she wants to take care of this herself. Rintaro says family should always be together. Kanon thinks about what a nice concept that is.

Rintaro henshins as Desast tries to drag cloneKanon away. But the two Danton disciples arrive with the three other Kanons. They henshin.

Kamen Rider Blades x Specter

But Kanon also henshins and takes them on.

Kamen Rider Blades x Specter

Rintaro leaves Desast behind and helps her against the acolytes. But one of them absorbs the three Kanon clones. Desast is upset that they are interrupting his fun and joins in the fight.

Desast leaves after the last Kanon clone is absorbed. Kanon feels defeated and that leads to her being forced to dehenshin.

Kamen Rider Blades x Specter

Just then, Makoto arrives. Kanon is shocked as she thought he wouldn’t be able to deal with reliving the events of that horrible movie. But he tells her to trust him and not to worry.

Makoto says that his father did indeed create him, but he smiled as he died looking at the blue sky. The dream of the perfect lifeform is over.

Rintaro is able to release Kanon from the clutches of the disciple. Makoto gives him the Specter Gekikou Senki Book which he received from a weird man (Tassel).

Kamen Rider Blades x Specter

The siblings henshin together for the first time. Rintaro uphenshins to Specter. And the three of them take on the two Danton sheeps.

Makoto goes Sin Specter and is able to release the four Kanon clones.
The three Riders are then able to finish off the two Dantonites for good.

Mei runs over to Kanon to say how cool she was. She also mentions that Makoto is pretty hot, for which Kanon agrees.

Makoto asks Kanon what she was going to do with her four sisters. She says she just wanted them to live happily as well. Rintaro points out that family should be together, after all.

Kamen Rider Blades x Specter

Makoto is very excited to see he has four more Kanons to enjoy.

Takeru pops up (with Touma) and shares a happy reunion with his BFF.

Makoto tells Kanon that she can come to him whenever she needs to.

Kamen Rider Blades x Specter

Rintaro says he wishes he had a nice family too. Touma and Mei(!) both say they are his family.

Later, a strange man appears to set up future Ghost content.

Kamen Rider Blades x Specter

“Episode” Thoughts

It was nice to see real Kanon. I think it’s actually a nice idea for Kanon to want to take matters into her own hands for once. It’s very true that she was always the one being saved in-series. So the idea of her wanting to not be a damsel in distress anymore is a good premise for a story. Maybe even a full movie. (Certainly better than the Specter movie. *shudder*)

I also enjoyed having more Mei-Rintaro adventures. But my delusional shipper-self will just ignore Mei family-zoning Rintaro at the end. Lol

Desast’s involvement in both of these specials was interesting. I don’t see the relevance, to be honest. As much potential as Desast has as a character, which I wish we saw more of in-series, inserting him here was pretty unnecessary. Though I suppose then they wouldn’t have had enough material to fill these two specials.

Looking at the premise, I don’t mind the idea of wacko Danton wanting to create perfect humans. But it was never touched upon in-series and the way the Specter movie laid it out, it just completely shat on whatever good aspects Ghost the series actually had.

So I can’t fully embrace this crossover special because of my persistent annoyance of that.

Still, relatively speaking this was a good crossover. It was fun for what it was. And it was nice to see old faces.

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