Music Monday, July 12, 2021 (Part 1) – Moon Jong Up, TRITOPS, Kyuhyun, DAY6 (Even of Day)

Songs about different stages of love from Moon Jong Up, TRITOPS, Kyuhyun, DAY6 (Even of Day).

“US” by Moon Jong Up

Hello brand new Favorite Song of the Year candidate! Moon Jong Up finally releases his first mini album and its title track “US” is all kinds of awesome. The dreamlike, summer track is absolutely the kind of vibe for a hopeless romantic like me. The song is just so good. Certainly not unexpected from a talented guy like Jong Up. Amazing track!

“To My Girlfriend” by TRITOPS

It is always a treat to have TRITOPS bless everyone with their excellent vocals on new music. “To My Girlfriend” is their latest Korean release and it’s a sweet, romantic acoustic track. If you don’t know TRITOPS, search them up and bless your ears with those vocals and great music!

“Together” by Kyuhyun

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun returns as a solo artist with a sweet summer love song accompanied by a cute music video starring two awesome actors, Chae Soo Bin and Gong Myung.

“Right Through Me” by DAY6 (Even of Day)

The DAY6 sub-unit Even of Day make their first comeback with the album Right Through Me and the title track of the same name. The retro-infused melody is a bit of a refreshing new sound from them. But the emotional lyrics and excellent vocals are as expected from the talented band.

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