Music Monday, June 14, 2021 (Part 2) – Comebacks from WEi, Hoya, 24K and TWICE

After four debuts, here are four comebacks from the past week featuring WEi, 24K, Hoya and TWICE.

“Bye Bye Bye” by WEi

WEi comes back with a perfect summer song. A much brighter track than their powerful, charismatic February title “All or Nothing.” “Bye Bye Bye” is a playful song. And WEi does an effortless job conveying the charming, carefree vibes of the season.

“Stay With Me” by HOYA

Hoya gets a chance to show off his smooth and powerful vocals with this emotional self-composed track. In “Stay With Me,” Hoya sings to a lover asking them not to leave. And the emotions are effortlessly conveyed with his performance. Certainly not a surprise for anyone who knows Hoya’s talent and skills. A really great song.

“Welcome to the Mainstreet” by 24K

24K makes their first comeback in three years with an ode to New York in “Welcome to the Mainstreet.” The group has gone through numerous line-up changes, but they don’t miss a beat with this bright, breezy track. It’s good to see the group continuing on and hopefully it won’t be long until their next release.

“Alcohol-Free” by TWICE

TWICE has really made big strides in the last year or two as they’ve grown and evolved their sound and style. “Alcohol-Free” is the kind of refreshingly different track that exemplifies that. Though it may be a summery track, it’s a much more mellow and laid-back sound compared to their catchy earworms of the past. Another great, mature step forward for the group.

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