Music Monday, June 14, 2021 (Part 1) – Debuts from BM, Woo Jin Young, EPEX, LIGHTSUM

Four very interesting debut tracks from BM, Woo Jin Young, EPEX and LIGHTSUM!

“Broken Me” by BM

KARD’s BM makes his own solo debut with the personal track “Broken Me.” The song speaks of BM’s own struggles with depression and anxiety, but expressing how one can remain hopeful and overcome those difficult feelings. Though the song’s lyrics are heavier and pensive, the rock-infused music is quite a vibe as well. Especially with BM’s smooth vocals. It’s definitely a great song that showcases BM’s own style and different side from his performances with KARD.

Also, can’t ignore Penthouse breakout Park Eun Seok in the music video as “Broken Me” serves as the soundtrack for a short film the actor is a part of.

“Happy Birthday” by Woo Jin Young

D1CE member Woo Jin Young makes his solo debut with the powerful “Happy Birthday.” The self-composed track has Woo Jin Young defiantly addressing skeptics and naysayers by celebrating himself and the journey he’s been on to get where he is today. His powerful rap definitely brings that message home and the music video allows him to show his strong stage presence and charisma. The chorus which only consists of him wishing himself a Happy Birthday is actually quite catchy and you’ll find yourself vibing and greeting yourself too.

“Lock Down” by EPEX

C9’s new boy group EPEX make their debut with “Lock Down” and it’s definitely an interesting track. It actually feels like more of a musical journey rather than one song which is both awkward and engaging at the same time. It really does feel like ten songs in one. And I must say, it’s kind of all over the place. But there’s still something about it that keeps you intrigued. And when watching the music video, you tend to just get lost in the group’s charismatic performance rather than focus on the abrupt tonal and stylistic shifts.

Then there’s the song’s concept itself. At times it directly talks about the isolation and the feeling of being controlled during this last year of COVID (which is even name dropped in a clever line in the song). Other times, the song is more of a youth anthem about fighting back against the judgement and expectations that riddle today’s social media-influenced world. As a whole, the song speaks of breaking free from whatever holds you back and refusing to remained locked down, as the title refers to.

No doubt, this is an intriguing debut for a very promising group. Will definitely check out the rest of the album, but I dunno that “Lock Down” will be a song I’ll have on repeat.

ETA 6/30/21 – So, after listening to the song more as well as the rest of the album, it’s really grown on me. And the rest of the album is actually so good. I was quite surprised and am actually very excited about the group now. Especially after watching them on After School Club this week.

“Vanilla” by LIGHTSUM

Cube Entertainment’s newest girl group LIGHTSUM debuts with the bright “Vanilla.” I’ll admit I’m not usually too keen on girl group songs only because I’m not a fan of the cutesy song concepts that a lot of girl groups usually do. So I like girl groups, but not necessarily girl group songs. lol Nonetheless, LIGHTSUM has a solid debut track. Though the song’s title might be an accurate description of it overall, the group still makes a good first impression. It’s a bright and bubbly track that does just enough to charm you and introduce you to another talented new group.

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