Music Monday, May 3, 2021 Feature – Highlight Signals Meaningful Comeback with Excellent Album “The Blowing” and Amazing Title Track “Not The End”

It’s a wonderful day as Highlight makes their long-awaited comeback with new mini album The Blowing and the amazing title track “Not the End.”

I’ve always been a fan of the group. BEAST debuted just around the time I had really gotten sucked into the Korean Wave. And, as a future post will illustrate, Lee Gikwang would become one of my ultimate biases and idols.

The Blowing is the group’s first release in two and a half years and it is an excellent album to signal a meaningful comeback.

“Not the End,” co-written and co-composed by Joo Chan Yang, Lavin and Lee Gikwang, is a beautifully warm and hopeful title track. The group effortlessly conveys the emotional, yet optimistic lyrics with their smooth vocals while the song’s warm verses lead into the bright, soaring chorus. It’s just a perfect track to signal the group’s comeback and illustrate their experience and maturity after more than ten years in the industry.

“Wave” continues the vibe with Highlight singing of a love and longing in this emotional midtempo track.

“Hey Yeah” is a real treat. With lyrics and composed in part by Gikwang and Royal Pirates members Moon Kim and Kim Sooyoon, “Hey Yeah” picks up the tempo with a playful track about being absolutely entranced by someone. It’s a great, rock-infused pop song and definitely brings back great memories of Royal Pirates too.

The album slows back down with a pair of R&B tracks. “Sorry” is an emotional track about encountering and wanting to chase after passing memories. “Disconnected” has the members singing about letting those memories go.

“Surf” closes out The Blowing with a dreamlike piano-based track about a hopeful and positive glide across whatever waves may be ahead.

Overall, The Blowing is a meaningful album for the group as they have all completed their military duties. “Not the End” serves as a great, assertive message from Highlight. It is indeed definitely not the end for one of the most talented groups in the industry.

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