Recap: Kamen Rider Genms – The Presidents, Chapter 2

Kamen Rider Genms The Presidents

Papa Dan arrives and greets his son by saying he should have never been born. He vows to take him out of circulation. Papa Dan henshins to Chronicle and the father and son battle.

Rin makes sure Gai is okay. He asks her who these two guys are. She searches the Hiden database and explains that they were both presidents of Genm Corp who threatened humanity.

Kamen Rider Genms The Presidents

Papa Dan and Kuroto trade barbs over why they have revived once again and who will in turn revive Genm Corp. They argue over who loves the company and its games more.

The word “love” triggers something in Gai whose game disease acts up. Based on Rin’s analysis, Gai is suffering complications from two viruses having infected him. But he will be okay as something called viral interference will occur. When multiple viruses infect cells, they will actually suppress each other’s propagation by destroying each other.

And that is exactly what is happening now between the father and son Dan. Rin believes Gai can be saved if they kill each other.

Kamen Rider Genms The Presidents

Gai says recovering physically will mean nothing if he doesn’t recover mentally. He was susceptible to game disease because of his stress and hesitations in becoming president. So he will need to overcome that.

The father and son deliver finishers and force each other to dehenshin.

Kamen Rider Genms The Presidents

As the two are writhing around on the ground, Gai approaches them and asks why it is necessary for them to destroy each other. The more presidents there are, the more there is to love. Gai thinks a pissing contest is 1000% nonsense.

The Dans sense their virus power is weakening and realize Gai is overcoming his stress. Gai says they have opened his eyes. He had been focusing on his image as a president and had lost sight of what is important: love.

Loving the company, business and employees; it is everything for a president. From now on he will devote 1000% to love.

Kamen Rider Genms The Presidents

The Dans are amused by the concept of love and begin to have a change of heart. Papa Dan hugs his son and says he had to stop Kuroto because of his love for him as a father.

Kamen Rider Genms The Presidents

Kuroto hugs him back. They call out each other’s name as they vanish into the air. But not before their faces appear in a heart.

Kamen Rider Genms The Presidents

Gai bids them farewell.

Gai and Rin head back to the office to begin disinfecting it. Gai says this is also love.

Kamen Rider Genms The Presidents

Meanwhile, Kuroto says love was able to change this ending. But he will change his own ending next time.

Kamen Rider Genms The Presidents

Episode Thoughts

I mentioned last time how Kuroto just gets crazier and crazier every time he pops back up. But I forgot how much Papa Dan is a psycho as well. lol! So their initial back and forth was absolutely insane. And then their Papa-Kuroto hug was hilarious.

Dan Kuroto still lives on somewhere. So expect him to pop up like he’s the second coming of Tsukasa. lol!

So I watched this part after watching REALxTIME and Others: MetsubouJinrai. And apparently this Presidents special takes place after Vulcan & Valkyrie. So what must have happened for Gai to leave Hiden and end up in Daybreak?!

I’m definitely not ready for Vulcan & Valkyrie and it’s still months away.

But anyway, this was just a fun little April Fools adventure. We didn’t really get anything new for either the Dans or Gai in terms of character. Though I know Tetsuya Iwanaga and Hiroyuki Takami had an absolutely blast playing the Dans as over the top as possible.

But when it comes to the theme of “love” (which I absolutely did not expect), I would’ve thought that Gai would know what love is thanks to his dear friend Sony AIBO Thouser! I wouldn’t mind a movie expanding on that “relationship” and Gai’s backstory more since the series definitely didn’t have enough time to delve deeper into it.

Overall, a fun, crazy little extra this was.

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