Music Monday, April 26, 2021 – A Diverse Quartet of Great Songs from actor Kim Woo Seok, P1Harmony, Yoon Jisung, GreatGuys

Here are four very different, but equally great songs from actor Kim Woo Seok, P1Harmony, Yoon Jisung and GreatGuys!

“Us at That Time” by Kim Woo Seok

Stan talented people! I enjoyed watching Kim Woo Seok on seasons 2 and 3 of Voice, in his supporting role on my favorite 2020 drama A Piece of Your Mind and most recently in Scripting Your Destiny. Definitely a talented actor deserving of a lead role very soon. But I was pleasantly shocked to learn he has a beautiful voice as well! And not only that, he’s also performed on stage in musicals.

His warm vocals are on full display in “Us at That Time,” one of two OSTs from his just aired tvN Drama Stage episode “Lucky.” A stunningly beautiful love song where his soft voice matches so well with the piano and guitar. The song begins in a wonderful acoustic vibe before crescendoing into a soaring climax at the end, including Kim Woo Seok’s voice. I can’t even describe what a wonderful feeling I had listening to the song and then realizing the voice belonged to the actor Kim Woo Seok.

Also listen to the other track from the OST, “Like a Star,” an equally beautiful performance from him as well:

“Scared” by P1Harmony

Super rookies P1Harmony are back and just as fearless as their rousing debut. “Scared” is a catchy, dramatic track about self-confidence and affirmation. As P1Harmony encourages you to keep your head up, they also get you to vibe with the defiant, self-assured music and lyrics. It’s a fun contrast to have the music go so hard, yet the lyrics be so uplifting.

The group’s powerful dance performance is also a sight to behold and matches well with the on-point vocal performance. Member Theo especially gets a chance to shine with the song’s impactful pre-chorus. A very strong first comeback for P1Harmony.

“Love Song” by Yoon Jisung

Yoon Jisung makes his first comeback since his discharge from the military. The bright-sounding title track “Love Song” has an appealing contrast to the bittersweet lyrics. The song is also a bit more upbeat compared to his two pre-enlistment releases which were anchored by ballads. Like he was able to showcase his vocals with those ballads, he does so here and with a different vibe that allows him to show his versatility for the first time as a solo artist.

“Touch By Touch” by GreatGuys

GreatGuys returns with the fun track “Touch By Touch.” With both a Korean and English version, the funky dance track provides a bit of positivity and hope in the midst of the world’s continuing struggles. The members are able to convey that heartfelt message in the bright music video. And as they’ve shown with every release, they’re able to balance their charm and charisma for a complete package.

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