Music Monday, February 22, 2021 – Fiery Tracks from KINGDOM, Chungha and Kang Daniel and a Warm Comeback from LUCY

This last week saw so many new songs! Here are the four that interested me the most.

“Excalibur,” KINGDOM

KINGDOM has been generating lots of excitement with their teasers ahead of their debut. And it is finally here. “Excalibur” is a very interesting debut track that just commands attention. The track has a lot going on. The strong, rock-infused dance track can get a little busy. But they use that to their advantage. As they introduce themselves to the world, “Excalibur” is just the kind of track that really makes you stop and take notice. The song allows them to showcase their performance and visuals. They undoubtedly have lots of charisma. And they are able to show off their skills with this compelling and appealing debut.

“Bicycle,” Chungha

Chungha’s album is finally here and with it the roaring title track “Bicycle.” The sexy, seductive lyrics are paired with a loud, anthemic sort of sound. That results in Chung Ha being able to assert herself with confidence and power. There’s no escaping the song’s magnetic pull, driven by Chung Ha’s performance and vocals.

“Paranoia,” Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel’s “Paranoia” is an interesting vibe. There’s a sort of cinematic feel to the song itself. Almost like he is telling a melodic story. And with Daniel’s effortless charisma and performance skills, he is able to pull you into a three minute, 18 second journey. The song’s chorus, meanwhile, sounds like an early 2000s boy band hook which gives the song a fascinating twist. And in that sense, almost like an unnerving twist to match the song’s message. It’s a very engaging track. And knowing that it is a very personal song from him, it carries even a deeper meaning. Though not necessarily a track you’re going to be bobbing around to while listening, it is a track that leaves you sort of willingly mesmerized. And one that you may just have on repeat, nonetheless.

“Hero,” LUCY

After those three fiery tracks, we cool down with an absolutely delightful track from band LUCY. Like my recent discovery Hoppipolla, LUCY also appeared on JTBC’s Superband. They make a comeback with track “Hero” which is a bright song and an almost ethereal winter vibe. The violin adds an irresistible element to the song. And the upbeat vibes leave a smile on your face.

And it just so happens I’m currently watching the JTBC drama Run On and LUCY sings the excellent “Run to You” from its OST. I think I’ve definitely added another artist to my regular playlist!

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