Music Monday, February 8, 2021 – CIX, Kim Myungsoo (L), Dreamcatcher and U-KISS’ Soohyun & Hoon

A song that may end up one of my favorites of the year, a pair of warmhearted ballads and a rousing comeback. Enjoy new tracks from CIX, Kim Myungsoo, Dreamcatcher and Soohyun & Hoon.

“Cinema,” CIX

Eleven months from now, I am sure “Cinema” will be pretty close to the top of my favorite tracks of the year. I absolutely love CIX’s latest title track. The fact that it is reminiscent of my two favorite tracks from them certainly helps. In fact, “Rebel” and “Revival” were two of my favorite songs of 2020. The mid-tempo synth-pop track delivers an airy, dreamlike aura (with a sprinkling of well-placed funk) that matches the romantic lyrics. And the group’s smooth vocals bring it all together.

The rest of the album “HELLO Chapter Ø: Hello, Strange Dream” is just great as well. And perhaps the most diverse collection of tracks that fit perfectly together that I’ve heard in a while. It opens with the emotional ballad “Stairway to Heaven” and proceeds with “Cinema,” the unexpectedly seductive R&B track “Round 2,” the rock-infused youthful defiance of “Youth” and wraps up with the romantic pop-R&B stylings of “Everything.”

“Memory,” Kim Myungsoo (L)

Ahead of his upcoming enlistment, INFINITE’s Kim Myungsoo (L) releases his first solo track. The sentimental “Memory” is no doubt a great treat for the fans. The soft acoustic pop track effectively conveys the touching lyrics and L’s vocals match perfectly with the vibes.

“Odd Eye,” Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher does what they do best as they release their latest in “Odd Eye.” The rock-infused dance track very much highlights their unique and welcome sound and style. As always, they deliver the vocals and the performance. And the dramatic track is well-served by the visually pleasing music video.

“I Wish,” Soohyun & Hoon (U-KISS)

U-KISS members Soohyun and Hoon, having recently completed their military service, make their comeback with the warm ballad “I Wish.” To be released with both Korean and Japanese versions, the song showcases the excellent vocals that always helped to power U-KISS tracks. Their powerful performance matches the sincere lyrics in a song that is perfect for these winter months.

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