Recap: Mashin Sentai Kiramager, Episode 42 – Battle Without Honor

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 42 Recap

Juuru finds himself in the throne room on Crystalia. He sees a little boy with a sketchbook thinking about what to draw. Juuru understands the feeling.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 42 Recap

The little boy has a Hirameking, much to Juuru’s surprise. Juuru believes the little boy is Oradin since he had said he was the one drawing new ideas on Crystalia.

The little boy shows Juuru his drawing of a Tornado Screw Crash, a new finisher he came up with. He says he will use it to protect Crystalia. Juuru thinks that is so cool and is inspired by the sentiment. The little boy says inspiration can save the world and tells Juuru to leave it to him.

Juuru is amazed to see how kirakira Oradin was as a child.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 42 Recap

Suddenly, an ominous shadow comes walking in the hallway. But before he can see who it is, Juuru is awakened by his classmates Haruhi and Kenta. School is over, but Juuru has been sleeping. He mentions how he must have connected the king’s dreams again and they think he’s as weird as ever. Mizuki defends Juuru and says he’s actually a pretty big deal.

Haruhi and Kenta say Mizuki has changed a lot in the last year and asks what happened between her and Juuru to bring that about. The couple proceeds to tease her.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 42 Recap

Over in the Darkness, Garuza tells the Emperor that has found his resolve and asks him to absorb him into his body. Emperor Yodon asks if Garuza is sure and Garuza says he first joined Yodonheim in order to seek such power.

Garuza acknowledges that he wants the Emperor’s power so he can act as his messenger and help corrupt the Earth enough for his arrival.

The Emperor accepts Garuza’s request and allows his loyal general to come inside his body.

Garuza finds himself in a dark red room. He wakes a sleeping Yodonna and the Emperor explains that they are in his consciousness. This room symbolizes where his consciousness is stored.

The Emperor invites Garuza to sit on a throne and that allows Garuza to gain control of the body as well as the Emperor’s power.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 42 Recap

Over at the coconut tree, the other Kiramagers and Mabushina are enjoying themselves when suddenly, Mabushina’s glass cracks. Tametomo wonders if this is a bad omen. The others tell him not jinx it. But King Oradin pops in to say that objects breaking is a bad omen on Crystalia as well. So they must remain on their toes.

Sena says it’s only a crack after all. But Oradin says he can just use his greatest technique to save the day if necessary.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 42 Recap

Just then, the glass shatters completely and things turn ominous.

Downtown, Takamichi has just attended Akiho’s latest concert when he spots Carantula lurking about holding a bomb-like device that Garuza asked him to make.

Carantula is anxious about Garuza getting on with his plan. He runs when Takamichi finds him.

Back at school, Juuru explains to Mizuki that he is drawing what he saw the king draw in his dream. Haruhi and Kenta smile at Mizuki, continuing to tease her about changing.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 42 Recap

Juuru says she really did change though. Mizuki says it’s because of him and he must pay for that. She takes out a pair of tickets to the amusement park and says if he comes with her, she will forgive him. Juuru asks if this is a date. Haruhi and Kenta again giggle. Mizuki says they’re just extra tickets her brother gave her. Juuru agrees to go then.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 42 Recap

Suddenly, a strange black smog enters the school and it suddenly possesses Haruhi and Kenta and other students with Bechat energy.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 42 Recap

Juuru grabs Mizuki and they try to run. But Mizuki gets caught in the fog. She tells Juuru to go on and promise that he will save her so they can go to the amusement park together. Juuru promises and he hurries back to the coconut tree.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 42 Recap

Takamichi continues chasing after Carantula and henshins when he sees the Bechated people.

At the Operations Room, the Kiramagers try to figure out how to handle the entire city being overrun with Bechat people. Mabushina warns that once the Earth is corrupted enough, the Emperor will be able to reach Earth.

The Mashins tell Mabushina she need not worry. They and the Kiramagers will work together to prevent that from happening.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 42 Recap

Muryou is able to zero in on the source of the smog and they see it is coming from Garuza on a rooftop. The Kiramagers vow to save everyone. They henshin and hurry over.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 42 Recap

In the Red Room, Emperor Yodon and Yodonna both compliment Garuza on his plan going very smoothly.

Garuza compliments the Kiramagers and their Kiramental for being able to withstand the smog. But he tells them he is also more powerful now. Garuza slams Juuru back. The others Go Kiraful. But Garuza easily handles them as well.

Juuru calls for the Arrow, but Garuza sneaks up behind him and pins Juuru on the ground with his foot.

Garuza boasts about the power he holds. But Juuru says you need more than just power. He mentions how a young King Oradin said that inspiration could save the world and that he would take care of it.

Garuza is shocked to hear those words. But he says that it is nonsense and proceeds to slam his foot onto Juuru’s stomach.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 42 Recap

In the Red Room, the Emperor and Yodonna continue to shower compliments on Garuza as he has now corrupted Earth enough for the big arrival. Garuza gets up and has the Emperor take his seat on the throne.

The Emperor regains control of his body and manifests himself, in the flesh, for the first time on Earth. He declares the end of the world is imminent.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 42 Recap

Carantula sees that it is time “for the biggest gamble” of his life. He takes his bomb and hurls it at the Emperor. It explodes in the Emperor’s face. In the Red Room, the Emperor is unable to move his body.

Garuza laughs maniacally, saying his plan has worked. Yodonna steps toward Garuza who just slaps her unconscious.

Garuza explains that he has waited for this moment. The Emperor struggles to stand, but Garuza immediately slashes at him, killing him instantly.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 42 Recap

Garuza proclaims that the Emperor’s body is now his. He takes over the physical Earthbound body into his new golden form. He possesses it as well as all of the Emperor’s power.

He tells them to call him Lord Garuza, the new ruler.

Carantula explains to Takamichi that Garuza asked him to make a bomb in order to attack the Emperor at his most unguarded moment when he first manifests his body on Earth. That would then give Garuza his opportunity to take over.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 42 Recap

Muryou tells the Mashins to deploy just as Garuza unleashes a barrage of explosions across Tokyo. Shiguru, Tametomo, Sena and Sayo quickly hop into their Mashin friends. Fire asks what the hell Juuru is doing. But he stutters trying to say Garuza’s new form is the coolest thing he’s ever seen. Fire tells Juuru to hurry up as they form Kiramaizin.

Garuza counters anything the Kiramagers throw at him though. They summon Express and Zabyun, but Garuza slashes at them.

Garuza uses his new power to force the Mashins to separate and eject the Kiramagers. Juuru summons Oradin and Hakobu to form Grateful Phoenix. Oradin asks his brother when his insatiable hunger for chaos will subside.

Oradin decides to employ his greatest technique. Juuru remembers the little boy’s drawing and thinks that’s it. But the attack that Oradin unleashes is completely different.

Even worse, it does not work against Garuza at all.

Garuza proceeds to deliver his own signature technique. And it is the Tornado Screw Crash.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 42 Recap

Juuru is shocked.

Garuza delivers his attack and it separates Oradin and Hakobu and ejects Juuru.

Juuru cannot believe it. He saw this attack in his dream with the little boy.

Garuza says he does not know how Juuru could know anything about this since it was he that created the attack. Juuru realizes the little boy was not Oradin… but Garuza!

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 42 Recap

Garuza traps Oradin and says he will be executed in Yodonheim. Garuza leaves and Juuru screams.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 42 Recap

Meanwhile, Takamichi has Carantula tied up.

Episode Thoughts

Here we go! Buckle up! You know it’s getting crazy when they end the episode on a dramatic negative still photo. lol

Definitely a great episode to start this final final arc. Everything is set in motion. It played out just as expected. I wouldn’t say there were any HUGE surprises.

I don’t know when, but I kind of had a feeling that the little boy Juuru saw was going to be Garuza. And I honestly started tearing up a little at that point when it became very clear. I have a feeling we might see a little Kyuuemon-type of story here. It would be AMAZING if they threw in a twist of Juuru actually connecting with Garuza and not Oradin. I’m hoping for a big twist regarding Juuru’s connection to Crystalia though.

But if they are able to throw something in regarding Oradin and Garuza’s relationship and how Garuza might have gotten corrupted, it would be really exciting.

Let’s remember, pretty much every single story related to the Crystalia Family this season has been top tier.

Also more of cute Little Garuza would be fun as well. hehe

Garuza’s plan to take over the Emperor’s body was pretty obvious from the start. And it says a lot about the Emperor not seeing it himself. Garuza was pretty direct from the beginning, it’s crazy that the Emperor did not anticipate such a move. He asked and Garuza acknowledged that he wants his power. But the Emperor never thought Garuza meant literally.

That Red Room inside the Emperor’s mind though was such a great decision to do. Obviously it’s minimalist and doesn’t need much set design or effort compared to some fancy lair or something. But it absolutely works to set the unsettling mood for that whole set-up. And paired with the haunting score the show has used all season, every scene in that dark Red Room was amazing.

I liked seeing Juuru back in school. I’m definitely not a fan of her, but Mizuki was alright this episode. I was very amused by their friends teasing her about Juuru. But those scenes helped to remind us of Juuru’s pre-Kiramager life. If we go back to Episode Zero, the other four were already assembled. Juuru was just an artistic high school student who had a knack for imagining great things. Seeing him in that environment this episode probably sets us up for whatever shocking revelation about Juuru we might get in the final three episodes.


My hope for the final episodes is that everyone is involved. The Kiramagers, Mabushina, Muryou, Garuza, Carantula, Yodonna, Oradin. Everyone. The three episodes are still a lot of time for big, explosive moments. And I’m excited for all of it.

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  1. Such a fantastic eps.! And you are right that Yodon should have anticipated this betrayal by Garza.

    And I am curious as to why Juuru saw Garza’s memory. Hm.

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