Music Monday, December 14, 2020 Extra – Jamie, JERO, Lacuna, GHOST9

Four very different, but equally great songs this week!

“5 Christmas Languages,” Jamie

Jamie gifts us with an excellent Christmas treat. “5 Christmas Languages” is an awesomely fun holiday track that you know you’ll go to every December. (Or perhaps any time during the year when you’re missing the season.)

“With You 2013,” JERO

JERO is definitely one of the most underrated solo artists. He recently released the mellow “With You 2013” that is a perfect vibe for the cold December nights. I highly recommend my favorite songs from him as well, “Airplane (featuring Giriboy)” and “Delusional”:

“Dancing in the Rain,” Lacuna

The band Lacuna debuted in 2018, but “Dancing in the Rain” is the first song I’ve listened to from them. And now I definitely want to listen to more! The song is a hauntingly romantic track. And the music video spotlights the band amidst a dreamlike moment in time encounter.


Rookie group GHOST9 returns for their first comeback with “W.ALL.” Like their debut, this song highlights the group’s charismatic performance skills. And the music video is a visual treat. My favorite track from the mini-album is the last one, “Way to You.”

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