Music Monday, December 14, 2020 – ONEWE, ACE (VAV), JO1, BAE173

An incredible comeback track, a pair of special treats and a title-worthy B-side track for this week’s quartet!

“A Book in Memory,” ONEWE

ONEWE is back with the stunning ballad “A Book in Memory.” Doing what they do best, the band’s passionate performance and powerful vocals are yet another excellent showcase of their talent. Leader Yonghoon’s vocals are especially just on another level. Amazing track.

“29,” ACE (VAV)

VAV’s Ace released a self-composed track to YouTube entitled “29.” The song features a mellow, midtempo vibe which matches well with the personal, pensive lyrics.

“Monstar,” JO1

Super rookies JO1 are proving themselves to be unstoppable. “Monstar” is a track from their just-released full length album. With the accompanying performance video, they again show off their striking charisma, captivating performance skills and smooth voices in what is a soft, romantic dance track.

“Every Little Thing is You,” BAE173

After just debuting last month, BAE173 catches up with a special fan song “Every Little Thing is You.” The heartfelt acoustic track allows the rookies to express a softer side to them. And the wonderful music video features touching animated scenes.

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