Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 38 (18) – “We got played.”

Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 38 (18) – Crunch Time

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 38

The Burke Sibs are teaching people how to climb a walls when they are shocked Blaze is still on the show. He shows the Rangers one of roboRoxy’s body parts that he stumbled upon on his way to Japan. After Ben and Betty trip up their students so they fall hard on their backs, the Rangers are annoyed the GB cleanup crew have not done their job correctly and decide to go look for more random body parts in the city.

Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 38 (18) – “We got played.”

At GBHQ, Nate, Steel and Devon watch the first fragments of Roxy’s memory. Ravi and Zoey find a Railtron and Tronics collecting Morph-X. They are completely overpowered until “Blaze” suddenly appears to help. Devon arrives and apologizes for being late, putting all the blame on Cruise and taking no responsibility for himself.

Devon, Ravi and Zoey morph and they finish off the Robotron. Despite having blamed Cruise for getting lost, Devon is upset that “Blaze” does exactly that. “Blaze” takes Devon aside and says he needs to get tougher and stricter now that there’s only a few episodes left in the season. Devon takes the bait and reprimands Cruise for what should otherwise be a non-issue.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 38

Devon and “Blaze” train together back at GBHQ before they go into the lab where Nate announces that Roxy’s body part is useless. They’ve come up with a plan to counter Evox’s Gigadrone plan. But “Blaze” proposes they lure Evox and his Gigadrone into one of the GB hangars and then trap Evox in a teleport cell or something.

Cruise, Smash and Jax say that is very dangerous for them as Beast Bots to be fighting in that kind of enclosed situation. And it is also dangerous to have Evox actually inside GBHQ. “Blaze” tells Cruise to shut his mouth. Commander Shaw tells “Blaze” to knock it off. But Devon actually agrees with “Blaze” and Nate passive aggressively says it’s up to Devon as the leader.

Cruise excuses himself. Zoey and Ravi tell “Blaze” he has no right to be an asshole to Cruise. “Blaze” mockingly apologizes and says he wants to defeat Evox. Ravi is about to get heated, but Devon tells them to stop arguing with BFF “Blaze” so they can enact his plan.

Over in the Crystal Dimension, Evox teases a major secret that is supposed to excite older, rose-colored-glasses-wearing fans.

The Rangers hurry out in their zords when Evox’s Gigadrone appears in the city. They lure Evox into the hangar. Cruise says they are too close to deliver any meaningful attack on the Gigadrone, but Devon ignores him and says to do it anyway. The Beast Bots plead for their lives to the Rangers, but they don’t care. Cruise says he’s at his limit. Evox’s Gigadrone overheats and explodes, completely destroying the hangar and their zords.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 38

Devon carries an almost lifeless Cruise out and finally realizes he was a fool for listening to “Blaze.”

Evox emerges from the ruins. The Rangers fire at him and are able to transport him to the holding cell. They celebrate their apparent win.

Later, “Blaze” continues his verbal assault on Cruise. Devon finally speaks up and says despite him feeling the same way earlier, “Blaze” has no right to treat people or robots like crap. Devon says Cruise is his friend. (ORLY?)

Devon apologizes to the others for immediately believing in Blaze rather than his teammates and supposed “friends.”

“Blaze” chuckles. Just then the real Blaze sends the Rangers a video message from Japan saying he’s won the karate tournament. The Rangers realize they’ve just been played and now wonder why Evox wanted to be captured.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 38

Episode Thoughts

This episode just feels like another in-season arc rather than the climax of 40 episodes. This should be the culmination of building tension. Not just randomly throwing in a new robot for Evox and teasing some “huge secret” about to be revealed.

Any climactic excitement is also tempered by another example of the Rangers treating the Beast Bots like crap. (Though as has been proven recently, the Rangers have a prejudice against robots and aliens.) Devon’s backhanded “It’s Cruise’s fault” is just par for the course this season. So it actually is very believable that he would agree with Blaze’s insults toward Cruise. Devon telling Blaze his attitude is poor at the end is funny considering how little Devon thinks of Cruise in the first place.

One positive is Zoey and Ravi speaking up for Cruise earlier in the lab. But at the same time, none of them listened to the Beast Bots expressing how dangerous the hangar battle might be for them. Commander Shaw also needed to be a little bit more commanding when she obviously saw the Rangers were about to screw things up.

GBHQ also have very lax considering they’re protecting the world, including the emerging international power source Morph-X. So Evox infiltrating GBHQ was going to happen one way or another thanks to the incompetence.

Of course the only time Blaze appears, it’s the fake Blaze. (Which was very obvious when you have “Blaze” smirking behind the Rangers’ backs at the START of the episode. Keep some suspense come on now.) Again, highlighting the questionable decision to revive the human versions only to pretend they never existed.

So this is all very predictable leading into the final two episodes. There’s nothing to really be shocked about here.

4 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 38 (18) – “We got played.”

  1. Right off the bat, the title of this episode confused me.
    Why “Crunch Time”? What does it mean? Neither the word “crunch” nor “time” were used throughout the entire episode. lol XD
    Sounds like a name of 90’s cereal. Such a weird title indeed.
    Why can’t it be “Blaze’s Plan” or “Blazing Blaze”?

    Blaze finally got his own episode and character development after coma… only to found out that it was Robo Blaze this whole time, while Real Blaze was in Japan for karate tournament.
    I wasn’t surprised with this twist, given the way he behaved and his evil smirk.

    The highlight of this episode was unmorphed fight, which includes Blaze despite Robo Blaze.
    It’s kind of interesting to see a villain, pretending as allies, fighting alongside with rangers.
    One thing this season does well is unmorphed fight choreography, which is done better than morphed fight, which I find it weird, since it’s usually opposite. While it’s not the best the franchise has to offer, it’s definitely step-up from last few years.

    Much like Liana Ramirez, who played Roxy, Colby Strong also has done great job as portraying both villain and allies; both of them are best characters of the season and definitely one of the better villain generals I’ve seen in a while.

    One thing that really bothered me, not only for this episode but the entire season, was that Grid Battleforce really have weak and questionable security protocol. How many times villain got in base? Its becoming a running gag of it and they really need to work on that before saving/protecting the community (and world). lol XD

    It’s also weird that Grid Battleforce decided to trap Evox (keep him alive), rather than destroying him; I guess they don’t have weapons strong enough to kill him at the moment. Then again, Scrozzle is still out there, so maybe they were planning to interrogate Evox to find him and any other villains out there.

    While the overall plot for this episode was predictable and mediocre, I did like how the episode ends with Evox’s empty body trapped in generator, which was kind of creepy; it’s not often you see villain trapped in headquarter. It was kind of missed opportunity for Real Blaze not getting his own episode, despite Real Roxy got one though. Still it’s not a bad place to start the final story arc.
    Looking forward to see what Evox’s plan are and his “dark past”.

  2. What Blaze did in this episode is exactly what I wanted to see with both Blaze and Roxy during this whole season: Helping and interacting with the Rangers.

    And boy, if Evox’s master plan includes being captured by the Rangers, this could be really interesting.

    1. It could’ve been a multi-episode arc too. Roxy and Blaze suddenly popping up at GBHQ for a few episodes. But in reality, and it would be the big shocker after a few episodes, it was the robo versions all along.

      Too bad.

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