Music Monday, November 9, 2020 – Repeat Worthy Comebacks from Park Jihoon, Tomorrow X Together, CIX, B1A4

Lots of great comebacks recently! Here are four very diverse tracks, but all great songs worthy of getting put on repeat!

“Gotcha,” Park Ji Hoon

Park Ji Hoon has released one great title track after another since his solo debut. But his latest “Gotcha” from his first full album is his most confident release yet. Oozing charisma in his performance (as he usually does), “Gotcha” is a noticeable step forward for him in style and substance. And it’s an exciting step forward at that.

The pre-release track “Hit It Off” is also an excellent, title-worthy song.

“Blue Hour,” TXT (Tomorrow X Together)

TXT’s “Blue Hour” is an irresistible, bright track that harkens back to their excellent debut. It’s definitely a nice breather from their dramatic, narrative-heavy comebacks since then. The retro-infused dance track certainly draws comparisons to their label sunbae’s recent release. But “Blue Hour” is just as perfect a match for the group’s youthful vibe. It’s one of my favorite tracks from them now. The group has just released the choreography version of the music video.

“Jungle,” CIX

CIX returns with a fascinating and dramatic track in “Jungle.” Also having just released a performance version of the music video, it really is a great showcase for how far the group has come since their debut. “Jungle” takes surprising twists and turns that make it an interestingly captivating song.

“Like a Movie,” B1A4

B1A4 has gone through some changes since their last release. But one thing that isn’t different about “Like a Movie” is that it is an excellent song from a talented group. The dreamlike track from members Gongchan, CNU and Sandeul once again showcases their silky smooth voices and undeniable talent. Proving that they are still one of the very best.

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