Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 33 (13) – “You humans have always been pathetic.”

Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode (13) 33 – Grid Connection

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 33

Devon is annoyed that he has to miss his video game tournament. But Keeper has arrived at GBHQ to tell them about his vision of certain Power Rangers being killed. He also saw Devon getting hit by a meteor. And considering his connection to the Morphing Grid, Keeper believes his visions must be taken seriously.

Devon disagrees and thinks Keeper is crazy. Zoey brags that she’s studied a lot of Ranger History and believes they should be prepared for the threat from Keeper’s visions.

Devon says fine, but he insists on going to play video games. If he’s needed, he’ll order Cruise to bring him back. Commander Shaw doesn’t even finish her sentence in allowing him to go when Devon is already out the door.

On some random backroad, Devon is upset that Cruise has gotten lost when all of a sudden, a meteor falls from the sky.

Back at GBHQ, they receive an emergency call from Tyler saying they are under attack. The Beast Morphers Rangers are shocked to see dinosaurs running around in the background, but they quickly morph and head through the portal to help.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 33

Goldar Maximus and Snide are trying to take the Dino Charge Rangers’ Energems and they force only the Rangers with actors that agreed to return to demorph.

Devon and Cruise make their way back to GBHQ. Commander Shaw plays Ravi’s distress signal for Devon. They are in a dire situation, every single piece of equipment they have, except for their communicator apparently, is destroyed and they are about to be killed.

Keeper walks in and Devon admits that he was completely wrong earlier. Devon suggests they call old Rangers via the Morphing Grid to pander to older rose-colored glasses-wearing fans. Keeper says he cannot do that without his staff.

Devon suggest he go into one of the Morph-X Towers which are connected to the Grid. Commander Shaw says that’s far too dangerous. Cruise arrives with a fragment of the meteor that hit them and it appears to disrupt energy. Devon thinks the Morphing Grid sent the meteor so he can use it to send an SOS to the old Rangers.

Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 33 (13) – “You humans have always been pathetic.”

Commander Shaw and Keeper accompany Devon to a Morph- X Tower. He walks into the exact spot that the tower connects to the Morphing Grid.

Devon, holding the meteor, walks into the literal Morphing Grid and sends out his call. The meteor suddenly turns into a Power Coin and a huge surge of energy reverberates throughout the universe.

Devon grabs the Coin and through a portal walks out Jason. Jason suggests a random Beast Morphers Rangers team-up with all the previous (not future) dinosaur teams of the past.

Scrozzle has a geode in which they will combine six different dinosaur DNA with the Energems to create a zord.

Jason and Devon arrive in the Dino Charge dimension, conveniently able to bring weapons and morphers for everyone. Jason suggests the Beast Morphers Rangers attack from the back while the dino Rangers attack with a frontal.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 33

Goldar Maximus and his minions pop up and Jason calls on the dinosaur teams of the past (not the future).

While the dino teams transition to Sentai movie footage, the Beast Morphers Rangers find Evox who has taken the zord-making geode.

Evox launches the six-headed zord and the dino Rangers summon their zords. Devon has Commander Shaw send the Beast-X King Zord. Together, they finish off Evox’s zord.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 33

The Rangers all return to their home dimensions.

Episode Thoughts

Knowing the Go-Busters-dino crossover movie exists (and I did not enjoy it), it was to be expected that it’d get adapted here on Beast Morphers. ESPECIALLY knowing there seems to be a very clear mandate to do as much as they can to pander to the old, adult fans with more random nostalgia and throwbacks and the like.

So it’s great to see Austin St. John back on the show for a guest role. (Even though I could care less about Mighty Morphin.) But the episode does nothing for me in a nostalgia kind of way. I don’t really care. I’m not hyped. It’s just another Beast Morphers episode for me.

(Believe me, I’m just as tired being apathetic to contemporary Power Rangers as you might be reading about my feeling apathetic to contemporary Power Rangers.)

Anyway, from a story standpoint, it’s also pretty questionable. First, the Moprhing Grid is apparently the new Nexus Prism. Just popping out deus ex machinas when needed. Never knew it could do that. Though I’m certainly not a Power Rangers historian like Zoey or Devon.

Speaking of, Devon acting like he did in this episode is out of character. He should be beyond the “Gaming is Life” attitude by now. And we’ve seen him do just that before.

But this ep also felt disconnected to everything that’s happened so far. Devon thinks getting hit by a meteor is crazy? Or that a major threat targeting Rangers is unlikely? Wasn’t he the one who contacted Dr. K for help with his father? He should be the one believing Keeper the most.

They’ve also experienced a lot of stranger things the last few weeks alone. Obviously they wanted Devon to be left behind so he could get that, I guess, epic scene of him summoning Jason from the Morphing Grid. (First and current Red Rangers of course.) But they could’ve come up with a more exciting and urgent way than they did.

Connecting to the Episode 32 and the Special also feels odd. Instead of being a big three-episode event, Hasbro being so averse to serialized episodes definitely subdued any build up or excitement to what should’ve been a climactic event.

Overall, an okay episode. But it should’ve been much more impactful than it was.

6 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 33 (13) – “You humans have always been pathetic.”

  1. So after 2-part episode of Chaku, Space Patrol, return of Dino Charge Ranger, and Villain Special that resurrected Goldar as Goldar Maximus (very original name indeed. lol XD), it finally lead to much anticipated crossover with return of one of the greatest ranger ever.

    Great to see Austin St. John reprising his role as Jason, the original Red Ranger, whom we haven’t seen since “Forever Red” (Wild Force), 18 years ago! While it was nice to see Rocky as MMPR Red in “Dimensions in Danger” on Super Ninja Steel, I prefer Jason the OG for Red Ranger. It’s nice to see a Veteran MMPR that is NOT Tommy for once, whom I gotten really tired of. It’s kind of weird that Jason got Dino Coin that Devon found from meteor, where he had his morpher (and coin) in past, even after he left the team and appeared in later story; does this mean he has TWO T-Rex Power Coin? Whatever happened to Rocky’s coin then? Was it destroyed/deactivated? But I digress. His quote at the end was very memorable and rewarding though. Jason (still) rocks.

    The overall plot felt weak and short, with plot holes and inconsistencies (especially regards to Morphin Grid and Red Power Coin) but at least Hasbro was trying and putting more effort compared to crossover specials in past few years. It was nice to hear Jason mentioned that Goldar was defeated from Zordon’s Energy Wave and Evil Zord reminded him of Serpentera, which is a nice call back.
    Nice to see Evox in evil zord cockpit like Blaze and Scrozzle.

    Watching 4 teams together, I noticed that each team represents different era of the franchise; Saban (MMPR), Disney (Dino Thunder), Neo-Saban/Saban Brands (Dino Charge), and Hasbro (Beast Morphers). Interesting.

    While it was nice to see ALL 3 Dino Rangers Teams together, I can’t help but feeling that this should have been a part of Dino Charge special instead of Beast Morphers; even in Kyoryuger vs. Go-busters, it was awkward that they devoted more time on dinosaur team than actual crossover with Go-busters.

    It was kind of shame that none of the 3 actors from Dino Thunder reprised their role (not even ADR); it would have been nice if James Napier reprised his role as Connor/Red, to see 3 Red T-Rex Rangers together (the only part of I liked from Kyoryuger vs. Go-busters). Dan Musgrove (James/Dino Charge Aqua) did a decent job as voicing Connor though.

    The ending was nice way to wrap-up the 5-part episode arcs (sort of) that started from “Intruder Alert”, and I think pay-off worked decently. While it wasn’t perfect, it did have a good development and build-up to make this special. I at least give credit for Hasbro for putting effort, despite relying too much on MMPR; despite its flaws, it’s still a step-up from previous seasons/years specials. It’s kind of weird that this season handled crossover special/aspect better than anniversary seasons in last decade (Megaforce and Ninja Steel). I’m curious how Hasbro would handle anniversary season in 2023 (whatever the Sentai they adapt), which marks 30th anniversary of franchise.

    Overall, it was very enjoyable crossover special; despite its issue, it’s still better than “Dimensions in Danger” and all of Saban Brands crossover specials in past decade, due to better build-up and storytelling; it’s certainly beats Kyoryuger vs. Go-busters without doubt.

    I give Hasbro a credit for trying and putting effort and I’m looking forward to see how upcoming Dino Fury would handle crossover, with potential/possible 4 dinosaur team crossover, which (surprisingly) hasn’t happened in Ryusoulger.

  2. Even though they say this was a 3-episodes team-up (if we include de clip show), I think it started since episode 9 with the mention of the Ranger vault. Since then we got Dr. K from RPM, a Metal Hero, the Dino Charge Rangers, and Jason from Mighty Morphin’. Maybe this is the longest team-up arc in PR history.

    I only hope Hasbro don’t waste this momentum with the next epsiodes.

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