Recap: Mashin Sentai Kiramager, Kira Talk! The Partner-Loving Mashin

The Mashins are bored since they haven’t had to deploy in a while thanks to the coronavirus. Fire has a Hirameking and suggests they should put on a talk variety show to pass the time. He offers to be MC, but Mach says Fire is too fired up so he should be the host instead. The others agree.

Mach and Fire do Jan-Ken-Pon to decide and Mach wins thanks to correctly analyzing Fire’s personality.

For this episode, the topic will be their Kiramai partners’ awesome points.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Kira Talk Recap

Jetter goes first and excitedly introduces his aniki Shiguru as someone who is handsome, a great actor and a skilled swordsman. He is also cool under pressure and never complains in spite of whatever situation he finds himself in.

One example is when his head gets stuck in a vise and was able to persuade the director to include it into the story even when it was a period film.

Fire then brings up how horrible Shiguru is at drawing, especially compared to Juuru. Jetter is embarrassed to admit that’s the case. But Heliko tells Fire he’s being kind of a jerk.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Kira Talk Recap

Moving on, it’s time for Heliko to introduce her amazingly cute partner Dr. Sayo. She’s wanted to protect people since she was a little girl. She is caring, kind and both the guys and the gals fall in love with her.

Fire adds that you definitely don’t want to get on Dr. Sayo’s bad side though. She can get very violent and passive aggressive. Heliko admits that Dr. Sayo is kind as long as you don’t give her a reason to.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Kira Talk Recap

Up next is Shovellow who invites Carry, Rolland and Lifton over to help introduce their Tamesukiger team and their leader Tametomo. Tametomo is a popular and top gamer who can quickly strategize in a pinch.

Fire brings up how Tametomo is also skilled at deceiving his partner too. The others are shocked as Fire reveals Tametomo tricked Shovellow with an elaborate plan to get him to accept Juuru as leader.

Shovellow can’t believe it at first. But actually, it makes him even prouder of Tametomo and now sees him in an even shinier new light.

Heliko and Jetter wonder if something is going on with Fire.

Before moving on, it’s time for a special performance of the Kiramaizin theme song by Kushida Akira.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Kira Talk Recap

Next up is Mach who introduces the love of his lif… err, his partner Lady Sena who is just amazing and beautiful in every way. The others feel a little awkward as Mach breathes heavily thinking about Sena.

Fire speaks up and shows him Sena fangirling over Tametomo and asking him for a kiss. Mach says he is not jealous and Sena is just being nice.

Anyway, Mach concludes Sena is #1. But Fire does not take too kindly to that and they fight, resulting in everyone getting cracked.

While they get a polish, it’s time for Fire to finally hype up his partner Juuru.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Kira Talk Recap

First up, Fire points out how amazingly kawaii Juuru is. Heliko takes offense after Fire had mocked her for calling Dr. Sayo cute earlier.

But Fire has plenty of visual evidence of Juuru’s cuteness.

And despite Juuru being so cutes, he also has a burning heart that helps make him a great leader who can motivate others. Not only that, his Hiramekinging has brought about many miraculous things for them, just like King Oradin.

The others wonder if Juuru and King Oradin have some kind of special secret connection.

Heliko realizes that must be why Fire has been so passive aggressive today. Fire admits that when Juuru was watching the variety show on TV, he said it would be fun if Fire was the host. That reminded Fire of when King Oradin said that he would lead the Kiramai Stones.

The others say Fire doesn’t have to push himself too hard to live up to those expectations. They all work together as a team just like the Kiramagers do. They shouldn’t be bickering with each other.

Fire and Mach apologize to each other for earlier.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Kira Talk Recap

They end their first Kira Talk with laughs and smiles and Heliko teases a new friend coming soon.

Episode Thoughts

Now this is how you do an interesting clip show! It was definitely a lot of fun and it was great seeing the Mashin Stones showing a lot of their own personalities. You’re definitely not going to see that on Power Rangers.

Instead here, they showed how they are certainly supporting characters to our heroes. But they can also stand on their own as well. And their banter was very enjoyable.

Not only did we get to see the Mashins express themselves and get a little refresher on the Kiramagers’ characters, we also saw more of the dynamic between the Kiramagers and their Mashin partners as well.

I think that’s a great way to build up the characters. And strong characters can help be a strong foundation for the story.

Also, Fire wasn’t wrong when he was gushing about Juuru being cute. lol

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